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Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2014 on MindMup at I want to
Do you class MIT's Learning Creative Learning online course (they don't mention MOOC) as a cMOOC? They are using google for everything by the looks of it and are very clear that is an experiment that they will be learning from too.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2013 on The MOOCs that ate themselves at The Ed Techie
Hello again Josie, I saw you link to this post again recently, and it made me think about how my thinking has changed since 2009. I suppose that my presence on LinkedIn in this group that I set up is the closest I am to having an organisational social media presence. My blog and Twitter continue with blurred boundaries between me and the organisation. I decided a few months ago to add a little disclaimer to my personal blog. But I do clearly state who my employer is and have done from the start. So it is no surprise that when my blog hit the press last autumn I was referred to as a Cardiff University lecturer. I wonder how things will have changed in another three years!
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also- I haven't read his thesis yet on the sociology of higher education but it might be worth a look: and then there is this talk by Michael Burawoy on the 'public university' in Cardiff a few months ago
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2011 on Rethinking HE? at Fragments of Amber
Not sure if either of you are familiar with Karl Maton's work but here is one paper
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2011 on Rethinking HE? at Fragments of Amber
I think we could forget about listening to you online if you were seen to have deceived us in that way. I might be wrong but I think the fact that you have offline credentials gives a lot of weight to your online influence.
Hi, The link to the companion website doesn't seem to work. Fix? AM
What do you think of the thoughts of Twitter itself that it is not a social network but is instead for content, news and information. How does that relate to the way your clients have been using Twitter?
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Hello Martin, I'm really interested in your point that tools need to be demonstrated in the right context. I've just written a post this morning about how my mainstreaming of social bookmarking with medical undergraduates doesn't seem to have worked. A few students who I showed individually did start using Delicious, although not 'socially'. If I have some success in managing to get principles over to 280 students at one time I'll let you know! My post: With regards to research, I think the key problem is a fear of sharing work that is not published. I was very surprised to find that the same concerns even applied to researchers in medical education- and it is hardly as if we are in competition for major pots of research funding. One of our key journals "Medical Education", is co-owned by the ASME (Association for the Study of Medical Education)- it would be great to see them taking a lead in supporting the use of social media, even though they are a traditional publisher. This could help to remove the 'fear' which I don't think is necessary. Here is my post on sharing PhD findings before completion:
It looks lovely but only 15 pages are previewed and you can not really read the text. So it is limiting access a little? Maybe put a not so fancy version on Scribd?
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