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Director of Strategy. Mum of 2 boys, Wife of French husband. Happy Herne Hill-er
Interests: Technology, brands, people.
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I love this! It's like 2008 all over again when people blogged around issues that mattered to others and proper, intelligent discussions took place. I blame Twitter, much as I love it, it's not the platform for thoughtful debate. Only so far 140 characters will get you... So many issues raised hard to know where to start: OK, let's start with Lean In. It's the book that everyone seems to have an opinion on, but no-one seems to have read. I have and in fact I have bought it and sent it to a number of friends and I think that it's important for a number of reasons. Firstly I think that it is far more nuanced than journalists give it credit for being. For me it was about leaning into your career and managing your own way forward more actively rather than letting someone else dictate to you the structures and pathways that you should be travelling on - that could be negotiating a pay rise more effectively or ensuring that you get onto work projects that will develop you in ways that you need or want. I've found it to be hugely valuable and eye-opening personally. But I have talked to a number of people (men and women) who I respect enormously who say that her model of what success looks like ie within a large corporation is basically an out-dated measure and that we should be looking at female entrepreneurs like Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidson, Jo Malone, Christian Rucker (White Conpany) etc who all started their own businesses in order to create the kind of working environment that worked for them. It's a good point. I guess that it saddens me though to think that you either have to leave the workforce, go freelance or start your own company to allow you to find harmony (I won't say "balance" because I don't think that it can ever be totally balanced) between personal and professional. If a 40 hour week is what companies expect then maybe they should learn that 40 hours can be chunked up in different ways. The advertising industry is tough though it really is. People fart around most of the day and then the real work seems to start around 5pm or 6pm which is actually the time that you want to be home or at least heading home if you have little ones. I would hope that as more women rise to more senior positions in agencies that they could lead by example and get the hell out of the office by 5:30pm!Unless there's a proper need ie a pitch or a client dinner or work event then I get in early and am home by 6pm. Then when they are asleep I can get back online and carry on working if there are deadlines that need to be met. But I have moved out of an advertising agency and now work partly at Chime which is a holding company and partly at The Good Relations Group, PR and CSR. Hours and life certainly more manageable outside of advertising...
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Mar 15, 2010
Totally un-intuitive - there seemed to be no link at all with the platform as I knew. I kept getting lost, I could not see ANY benefit at all to be honest. What was meant to be better about it? I would really caution against switching your entire user base over to this new platform. Really did not like.
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Late to the chat on this one, but enjoyed the presentation a lot! Also happy that "digital" has gone from my title and "strategy and innovation" has taken its place. x
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wish i could have been there - general twitter buzz is very positive. is there anything that i could read?
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And if you're a Twitter-er, then have a chat with him ENJOY!
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