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"The more you translate, the more well-trodden synaptic pathways are laid in your brain from the source to the target language, so that the translating of certain source-language structures begins to work like a macro on the computer: zip, the target-language equivalent practically leaps through your fingers to the screen." —D. Robinson (2007), p. 30
Interests: linguistics, grammar, feminism; not to be forgotten: perfectionism, procrastination (no, not interests but sad realities)
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If numbering the section is verboten, how do you refer to a different section within the paper? For example: "For an in-depth discussion, see Section 1.2.6." Should I list the entire title of the section/subsection in quotes (e.g., See "Lexicon: Code-switching")? What would you recommend? :S
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Apr 13, 2013
1. In the name of the Qur'an, the apostrophe goes after, not before, the r. (In the Arabic transliteration, the apostrophe stands for the glottal stop, which is a letter, so it's not arbitrary where you put it.) 2. What do you do if the in-text citation refers to the whole paragraph? Can you put it at the end, or do you have to list it by each and every sentence it refers to? (If so, do you have to list the year every time?) Or can do you something MLA-style* like put it after the period with no end punctuation? (like this) *Perhaps this isn't official MLA. I don't know. It's what I learned in high school anyway...
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Apr 13, 2013