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Love Dr. Ehrenfeld's work, but it would behoove her to have disclosed her position with the American Center for Democracy if she's going to make a software sales pitch for ACD in her write-up.
"He is to be replaced by his deputy, David Cohen." Note: David Cohen has only worked with Levey since 2009. Cohen was not selected by Levey as his deputy in the first place. Cohen was a Clinton lawyer who was resurrected by Obama. Cohen has a poor understanding of terrorist financing & his confirmation should be blocked. See
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Not sure about Paula's proposed headline of "Dying for Lust"... As long as we're all coming up with our own, how about "Killing for Lust"? Or "Pedophilia's 'Prophet' Motive"?
There's a new play running in Atlanta called "Tennis in Nablus" celebrating the Arab revolt against the British in 1939. The play depicts a family of Arabs in Palestine in the most glowing light possible, even though the husband is a rebel working against the British and the wife writes anti-Zionist screeds. The wife praises the Mufti. Meanwhile, the British are cast as racists, and the commanding British general even wears blackface in one scene and dresses up as a Nazi in tribute to Hitler in another scene. Astonishing. They insist that the Jews and Brits are racist when it was the Nazis and Arabs of Palestine exhibiting true racism.
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Jan 24, 2010
"Five young American Muslims admitted traveling to Pakistan for jihad." Hmm, I had been thinking that the U.S. government should stop supporting Pakistan. But maybe it's Pakistan that should stop working with us. Just saying.
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Aug 18, 2009
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Aug 15, 2009
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Aug 15, 2009