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American Infidel
United States
Christian American Patriot.
Interests: Joining my fellow Americans as we push back hard against the creeping Islamization and imposition of Shariah Law in our country.
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The best thing to do with O'Reilly is to turn him off. I hear from many conservatives on other forums who complain about O'Reilly constantly, but they never cease to make sure they watch his show every night. They are part of the problem, because they are keeping O'Blowhard on the air. We need to TURN OFF his show, and then no matter how many people FNC puts on his show to help prop him up (Beck, etc.), he will fail, because his ratings will plummet. O'Reilly is just a pathetic, dhimmi shill for the Islamic supremacists. He has CAIR thugs on his show as honored guests, as if CAIR was some sort of legitimate organization, as opposed to the Hamas terrorist-front organization that they are. He does not have counter-jihad patriots on as guests, ever, except to berate, mock, or belittle them. He disgusts me. His ridiculous remark about how it is pointless to try to repeal ObamaCare shows how much he sucks up to Obama. We KNOW we cannot repeal it so long as Obummer is in office (Duh!), but at least the patriots in the House will be on record as to where they stand on the issue, and then they can proceed to de-fund ObamaCare, which they DO have the authority to do, without Ovomit's cooperation. It is a great, patriotic thing to do, so of course O'Traitor is against it...! Go, Tea Partiers!!
Here is what I just wrote to the corporate headquarters of Tyson (contact information can be found in link at the bottom of my comment): Dear Tyson, Since you choose to hire foreigners instead of Americans for your meat-processing plants, and since you give special privileges to those foreigners that you would never give to Americans, I choose not to buy any of your products. There is nothing that you produce that I cannot get somewhere else, but if you were the only chicken processors in the USA, then I would simply stop buying chicken. You have ignored the terroristic threats and violent actions taken by the Somalis against the American citizens (the few Americans that are left, thanks to your shameful hiring practices). You have provided "prayer rooms" for the Somali foreigners. Did you ever provide "prayer rooms" for your employees who are Christians or some other faith? Of course not. You gave special privileges to the Somalis, because they are Muslims. That is clearly discrimination against your non-Muslim employees, and that is illegal. You dropped a national holiday, Labor Day, in favor of a Muslim holiday, and only backtracked because of public pressure. Well here is some new pressure for you: it is obvious you hired the Somalis because you thought you'd save money, but money is what you are going to lose, until you change your ways. Get rid of the Somalis, now, and replace them with Americans. When I am satisfied that you have done this, I will resume purchasing your products. Until then, I will boycott your company and strongly encourage everyone I know to do the same. I will write to the corporate headquarters of the supermarket where I shop, (Publix Supermarkets) and ask them to stop carrying your products, for the reasons I have listed in my letter to you. I will also write to our new Republican Congress and strongly encourage them to open an investigation into your company's hiring and personnel practices, as they clearly discriminate against American citizens, and non-Muslims, and thus violate Federal law.
Good one.
Exactly. It's like the Muslims are saying, "If you say we are violent, we will kill you"!! They only prove the point through their actions every day all over the world.
Zilla, they are aware of it, but they could not care less. They care only about Muslims.
Praise G-d! Thank you, Pamela. My Christmas prayer came true! How appropriate that I hear the news on the Eve of the birth of my 100% Jewish Savior, Jesus Christ. Pamela, Happy Holidays from me and all your Bible-believing, Israel-and-Jewish-people-loving Christian readers! G-d bless! Let us know whenever you need us to spring into action again.
Egghead and Pat, I agree. I have read many articles on female genital mutilation, and in every single case I have studied, the victim was a prepubescent girl, anywhere from the ages of 2 or 3, to 9 or 10, with 10 being on the "old" side. I find it amazing that her family would allow this fully grown "intact" young woman to go to America for a college education, if their intention all along was to marry her off to some old goat in "traditional" (mutilated) condition. Something is fishy here, indeed. Could be more underhanded Muslim invasion tactics. Muslims have been very successful so far in using the goodness and kindness of Americans against us. I hope this is not the case here, but much of this story makes no sense.
Just yesterday I read a story, headlined on Drudge, from ABC News (of all places) that secret tests and audits of the TSA had been done in major airports like LAX, Chicago, and Newark, and found items like loaded guns, knives, and bombs had gone undetected by TSA agents 20 out of 22 times in one airport (Newark), and 60-75% undetected in the other airports. One of the commenters to the story said he worked for the TSA for years and finally quit because he could not stand the unbelievable incompetence and total ignorance of the screeners, most of whom were given their jobs because of their skin color, ethnicity, or "religion" (guess which one). He said "diversity" was the number one priority of the TSA, when of course it should have been "public safety". He could not take it anymore and quit the job. Like one of the other commenters here, I also will not fly until the whole system is changed to non-Government employees who are there for the right reasons, are well-trained and qualified, and have to answer to the American public as to whether they keep their jobs or not. We should demand our new Congress make the necessary changes to this outrageous, broken system, to one that actually works. We need to profile, starting with who we hire for these TSA positions. We must stop having the foxes guard the henhouse. What an outrage!
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Pamela, thank you for reporting news that we would not be aware of otherwise, as the Lamestream media ignores any and all facts that do not suit their agenda. Thank you for telling us the truth, as sad as it is. We read the first story on this subject that you posted last night, and were praying for the safe return of the other lady. We are sad, but not surprised, at this outcome. The picture in the story last night of the Israeli paramedic rescuing the kidnapped (now murdered) lady's dog was so poignant. We pray that poor little dog finds a good new forever home. Israel's enemies are the enemies of civilization. May G-d confound all their wicked plans, and may He comfort the families of the two innocent victims who were brutally and senselessly murdered.
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But, you all will be happy to know that while your tax dollars are being spent on Islamic garbage to make the next Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood jihadist) and other Muslim killers feel all warm inside, the US military burned Bibles that were sent to Christian US troops in Afghanistan...classified them as trash, then burned them:
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Pamela, thank you so much for this article, the heartbreaking pics, and the video. Thank you for being there, so that you could show us and tell us about it. I am not able to be there in person with you all tomorrow, but please know that I and many others will be with you all in prayer and in spirit. The battle we are in is not only tangible and physical, but also spiritual. The forces behind the blocking of the church's rebuilding and the pushing the mosque down our throats are the forces of darkness; of pure evil. I will pray to G-d that those evil forces will be completely bound and confounded, and that the church will be freed from the chains binding it, and that St. Nicholas Church will be re-built without delay, and that the Victory/Trophy Mosque will NEVER be built. Thank you, Pamela. I hope you all there at the protest tomorrow will feel our prayers for all of you. G-d bless you and keep you!!
Pamela, great list, and I'm very glad to see you listed prominently on it. However, I disagree strongly with the people listed at position #8. Those people, especially Karl Rove, hurt conservatives a lot. They did not help us. Just because Karl Rove recently went through a bitter divorce, does not mean he has to take out his frustrations on conservative female candidates. Gosh, with "friends" like Karl Rove, who needs enemies? Rove is an angry, bitter old man whose time has come and gone. As far as I am concerned, he is now an enemy of conservatives, especially female conservatives. If I see him on Fox News, I change the channel. Stick a fork in him; he's done. As for Boehner at #6, I have concerns about him as well, but time will tell if he is the real deal or not. We will know very soon, that is for sure. Two people who should have been mentioned instead, I think, are the gentleman who drafted the Anti-Sharia legislation in Oklahoma (I am sorry that I do not know his name), and also a "generic" category, that of the Tea Partying American. I think the average American Tea Partier should also be listed in the top ten list of conservatives, because none of the great changes we've been seeing lately could have happened without we Tea Partiers (much to the dismay of tools like Karl Rove). Love number 1! Sarah rocked the world this year!
Sean, exactly.
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Pamela, what a brilliant and timely assessment. I put out my flag on our house first thing today, to honor all those who fought in WW2 to keep us free, and especially for all those who suffered and died at Pearl Harbor on this day in 1941. The lesson we have not learned is well-covered in your last paragraph. We must never set about giving aid to and rebuilding any country within which America's enemies have not been thoroughly vanquished and eliminated. I was sickened to read the headline on Drudge today of the American military's new orders to "catch and release" Taliban enemy combatants in Afghanistan. So, then they'll be free to come at us again and kill us the next time, huh, Obama?!!?!? Just like the Jihadist-In-Chief wants!! That is treason, because he is providing aid and comfort to America's enemies in a time of war. He needs to GO! No more aid to Muslim countries! America's enemies should be dead, not fed!!
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*Crickets chirping*. Doda, have you noticed that whenever someone corners the Islamists regarding their "scripture", they head for the hills, because their "scripture" reveals their true intentions? They'll come here on this site and arrogantly sneer at us, but when someone asks them about their "scripture", they either squirm and deny it or run and hide? Anyway, good zinger on the Islamists!
Yes, indeed, RW, after four long years of the Jihadist-In-Chief, America will be delighted to elect another commonsense conservative, Israel-loving, Christian President...just like after the nightmare of Carter, Reagan was the strong Christian leader we needed! Amen to that!
Oooooh, touchy! Nice to know I got under your skin, just like Sarah obviously does. ;-) I have NEVER known any "true conservative" to break Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment". There might be some conservatives who I may not think should run for President, but I would never write about any of them in a disrespectful, degrading manner...ever. Why is it that the haters ALWAYS (so boring, so predictable) accuse those of us who see Sarah for the great conservative American patriot that she is, no more, no less, get told we think she's "the Right's Messiah"? What drama-queen drivel! P.S. Pamela, thanks for the GREAT post!! We love you!!
Hmmmm....interesting, especially since I've followed and supported the political career of Senator-elect Rubio ever since he was first elected to the Florida state legislature. Centrist? Not hardly. One the many things I love about my newly-elected Senator is that he has always been, and remains, an old-school conservative from Day One. No flip-flops, no mutating, just a pure, solid, old-fashioned social and fiscal conservative patriot, through and through...just like Sarah Palin, who endorsed him, campaigned with and for him, and donated to him from SarahPAC. Two peas in a pod, those two!:)
Nice try, Lib! Wow, what a brilliant (lol) comment..."there is just something about her"...yes, there is, actually. Allow me to elaborate: Sarah Palin is a true commonsense conservative, someone who speaks the truth, plainly and fearlessly. She loves our country, its people, and our Constitution, and strongly defends them against all who would harm them. Whether or not she runs for President, she will continue to be a major force to reckoned with in American politics...with the added bonus of living rent-free in the brains of Leftists all over America, starting with the current occupant of my country's White House! Oh, by the way, her "baby mama's" name is Bristol, and you Libs are beside yourselves because America LOVES her. "Baby mama" btw, refers to the type of teen mom you Libs claim to love: on WELFARE, something savvy Bristol the Pistol will NEVER be. She's making, what, 50-75K for every week she's been on Dancing With The Stars, and her mom is a self-made multi-millionaire!! LOL! Go, Bristol, and Go, Sarah!! Keep smiling, and keep driving the Libs to distraction! LOVE IT!!
More commonsense conservatism from my favorite Alaskan moose-hunter. When Sarah talks, you can tell she is living in the real world, and understands the problems we face as a nation. Her ideas and solutions make sense. Her words are direct, clear, and to the point, unlike the opposition, who love to speak gobbledy-gook and never really say anything of substance. Sarah's support of Israel has never wavered, and I am proud that I voted for her in 2008. I would happily do so again, if she chooses to run. If not, I will support and vote for any true conservative candidate who loves and supports Israel.
I will be interceding in prayer before the throne of Almighty G-d, in the Name of Jesus, for this poor, suffering man, Sayed Mossa. His faith takes my breath away. Obama may not care, but millions of Christians and many others around the world will care if this story gets out. I plan to write and ask CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) News to cover this story, if they have not already. Of course, everyone knows by now that Obama is not a Christian, and that his words and actions betray a very strong preference for all things Muslim, at the expense of the American people, about whom he does not care at all. However, as Bobby Jindal's great new book demonstrates beyond a doubt, Obama does seem to care about his image a great deal. So, if pressured enough by the American people, Obama may step in to save this man's life. Sayed Mossa should be freed and granted asylum in the US. I plan to write to my new Republican Senator (Marco Rubio) and my Republican Congressman to get the US to step in and help this man. It would not be hard to save this man's life and free him to come here, but we have to pressure our elected officials at the national level in order to get it done.
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Nick, so true.
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