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Sending 0ver a few tomahawks and bombing some buildings won't stop a future use of chemical weapons buy Assad or the jihadists. Only "boots on the ground" to take control. But that won't happen. The proposed "limited" action won't do anything but stir up a hornets nest. Stupid.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2013 on "World War III" at Atlas Shrugs
Like Nevile Chamberlain appeasing rather than resisting and confronting.
Palin in Israel: "Stop Apologising to Everyone"! What a difference!, Wish Sarah was president.
[" have to admit that before secularism or atheism became acceptable (before the Enlightenment) Christianity (and Islam obviously) was responsible for much of the violence, genocides, torture, oppression and so on - all these things were done in the name of religion."] That horrible things have been done in the name of the Judaeo/Christian religion that the religion itself does not teach or condone is a fact. But that is far different than a religion that actually advocates such horrible things as a religious/political practice. You are referred to the article entitled "The Agenda of Islam".
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To Jeorge,you said: "First video of the series Religion vs. Peace..." Religion vs. Peace? Religion is not in conflict with peace. Unless, it is a religion that also doubles as a dangerous imperialistic political ideology at the same time. Such as Islam. It also needs to be pointed out that some of the worst "violence, murder, and ethnic cleansing in history have been perpetrated by "atheistic" communist regimes. The U.S.S.R,[Stalin,etc.] China,North Korea,and Vietnam. In fact, it is the Judeao/Christian religion that that has served to help with the suffering of many of the oppressed under such tolitarian regimes.
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"If a radio station had been fined for featuring an EDL presenter calling for the torture of Muslims you would be screaming bloody murder about free speech and creeping sharia. Hypocrite." To Vasquez: Your comment is based on a falsehood. The EDL would not call for the "torture" of anyone.
" "The gay community should be in the avant garde that is fighting for the oppressed members of their community in the Islamic world..." So absolutely true! There are gays like Urshad Manjiz who wrote her book "The Trouble with Islam". She has faced death threats because of it. Not enough like her though. What really urks is how so many LGBT are "one issue" voters. Siding with liberal democrats at the ballot box. When they do that they are indirectly siding with the very ones [Islamists] who would do to them exactly what that Islamist on that UK radio would.
The following was just sent to Hank Silverberg at WTOP news: [Subject,-Your anti-Israel media distortion. Mr. Silverberg, you got it totally wrong with this statement in your article on WTOP concerning the "anti-jihad" ads going up on DC transit: You said,- ["An advertisement that contains just 18 words and equates Muslims with savages makes its debut in four unidentified Metro stations Monday..."] That statement is blatantly false. The ad has no reference to Muslims, but to jihad. The ad equates savages with jihad, not Muslims. Do you understand that the ads are against Arab Islamic terrorism that seeks to destroy Israel, of which many peacefull Muslims are also opposed to? Do you understand that the Islamic terrorist attacks against our country on 9/11 were a jihad against us? Instead of making false accusations mischaracterizing the ads, I suggest you spend some time getting better informed about Islam and jihad terrorism at the websites of and] contact
Got a better idea Pamela: Newt should ask Sarah Palin to head the ticket. Him as VP. Not too late for that. No way can I see it the other way!
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2012 on Reconsidering Newt at Atlas Shrugs
The Al-aqsa Martyrs Brigades is a U.S. recognized foreign terrorist organization. It was also endorsed by Fatah delegates as the official "military-wing" of Fatah at their recent Fatah party convention. Fatah and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigades are the same organization. Members of the Brigades openly serve in the Fatah run PA. prohibits the funding of terrorist organizations. But the above facts are completey ignored by our government. Misappropriation of taxpayer money by our government to fund a terrorist organization. Would have thought that Florida Rep. Ros Leithen, [if that's how you spell her name], new chairwoman of the House Appropriations Comittee, would have been better on this than leftist Nita Lowey. But apparently not. Pathetic:
Happy Chanukah/Christmas Pamela and all anti-jihadists.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2011 on Merry Christmas, Atlasians at Atlas Shrugs
"But actually Obama's administration has done more in terms of the security of the State of Israel than any previous administration. He has done more to undermine it." Ditto.
To J. Dale Weaver: Well said!
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Waiting for Sarah to announce. Palin/West 2012!
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2011 on Bound for the White House? at Boker tov, Boulder!
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You won't see this covered by MSM. The MSM is complicit in the non-recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Any time you watch the nightly news, including Fox, when they put up a map of Israel on the screen, their map graphic never includes Judea and Samaria as part of Israel. Clueless, biased media.
Sarah Palin understands these things. She "gets it". She will probably announce in September. Remember all the hype over Fred Thompson? He waited till September to announce in 2008. Thompson fizzled out. But Sarah wont. Unlike Thompson, Palin already has tons of supporters just chomping at the bits for her to announce. Also, Thompson was the "establisment's pick". The GOP establishment. Not the voters. My dream ticket is Palin/West.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2011 on Why He Should Run For President at Atlas Shrugs
" I found very disturbing to hear the number of times they use the word "Christian." They would never dare refer to religion when it is jihad, and this attack had nothing to do with Christianity. It is outrageous." True. But they will try to spin this just like some Islamist apologists have tried to falsely portray Eric Rudolf as a "Christian terrorist".
Pamela, Lionheart, instrumental in founding the EDL, has been blogging his frustration over the high-jacking of the good Israel-supporting, anti-jihadist group he founded for some time.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on EDL Shake-up at Atlas Shrugs
Thanks Pamela! We need to saturate the blogosphere with this important info. The ABA doing "stealth jihad" against us.
It is good that Obama did the right thing,--even for the wrong reason. A veto is a veto. The UN is a high-jacked institution. Utterly worthless.
Just read and watched the Fox News's report on it, not a word about them being Muslim. Media trying hard not to identufy them again? As in Ft. Hood?
The ads back on the busses again! Score a big high-five! Great news, but like you say Pamela it is being ignored.
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Mar 15, 2010
"Huckabee gave this savage clemency? His liberal assahattery came back to vicously bite us." Uncalled for. There is only one person responsible for these horrific crimes, and that's Clemmons. "If I could've known nine years ago, looked into the future, would I have acted favorably upon the parole board's recommendation?” Huckabee told Fox News Radio on Monday. “Of course not." Many years ago a young man began a life of crime. From his teens till he was 20 he was in and out of jail for one thing or another. By the time he was 20 he found himself doing hardtime for armed robbery at a state prison. The young man was granted parole when he was 23. In a conversation many years later, Johnny Cash said he didn't remember Haggard being "on the bill" at a concert in San Quentin prison. To that Merle Haggard replied, "I was in the audience Johnny". The young man convicted of armed robbery. Haggard was given a chance to change and turn his life around. He did so, and Hag and all of us are the better for it. Clemmons was given that same chance in 2000. He is responsible for the life he has chosen since then. In light of his failure to change his ways and the direction of his life, after being arrested in the state of Washington and committing serveral felonys, he certainly should not have been released again. We all grieve for the families and victims who have suffered for what this man has done.