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May 1, 2011
I hardly know a thing about tanks, but what I do I owe to Jacques who kindly allowed Imperial College Alumni and other groups to tour his collection. Jacques was a wonderful person and my husband John (who enjoyed visits to the tanks tremendously) will miss him too. I'll miss chatting to him after church too. Condolences to Sandy and the family. Angela Hey and John Mashey
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2009 on Jacques Littlefield, 1949-2009 at I Speak of Dreams
I find it egregious (for those that have AT&T DSL) that when DSL service goes down that they don't post on their website outage reports of bad servers, bad lines,outage regions - Netcom (and other ISPs) had this years ago in the days of dialup. I absolutely refuse to unplug my computer, remove my router and do the other gymnastics required to test my systems under their standard DSL troubleshooting protocol. The latest incident there was a storm and no dial tone on the line - quite clearly nothing to do with my OS, computer, etc. Their customer service scripts are hierarchical and they must lose millions in customer support - not to mention goodwill. I can't believe that there aren't some remnants of the old AT&T that will fix this appalling situation having suffered similar episodes with the old SBC support. They used to have a policy of minimal number of handoffs. For a company that is supposedly expert in telecommunications they can't even pass your phone number to their chain of customer service reps. Let's hope that the AT&T board read this blog and force appropriate action.
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