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The Hunger Games is so amazing. I just told a friend to go ahead and buy the box set, as you cannot stop at just one, and not having the next one there to jump right in to will drive you nuts. I also really enjoyed the "Generation Dead" series by Daniel Waters (sadly not the Daniel Waters of "Heathers", but still good), which is about teenagers in the US suddenly coming back to life and how a small town in CT deals with it. It's lighter than HG, but still raises some good issues. (And would make such a good TV series). Also, The Mortal Instruments trilogy by Casandra Clare. A clerk at B&N suggested them to me, and I tore through the first one in like two days and loved all three. They're about nephilim, the children of angels and humans, and a hidden dimension where they fight to save Earth from demons. A little bit Buffy, and the requisite love triangle is better than most.
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They have a whole house in the American History Museum at the Smithsonian, and exhibits tracing the lives of the people who lived in it between its being built in the 18th century and it being taken down and donated in the 1960's. At the turn of the 20th century, it had been split into flats and one of the tenants took in laundry. They had an interactive display on what it took to clean clothes then. One little wooden pail of water weighs 20 lbs. I don't remember how many it took to fill the tub, lifting it once was enough to make me love the laundrymat. And in the south, it's still a custom to eat red beans and rice on Mondays, dating back to when that was wash day, as it was something that could be put on the stove and left while you were fighting the boiler.
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Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. The people there are so proud and beautiful, I was honored when someone spoke Catalan to me like I was a local. Even if it was an old woman yelling at me in a square after I'd fought off a mugger and no one had helped me. A woman applauded me, too! Yeah, great city, but watch your bag carefully. You get distracted by the beauty very easily.
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I had to promise to stop blogging about someone I was involved with when he came across a post about us on a group blog I, um, hadn't told him about and hoped he wouldn't see. He'd been fine with it in theory, but it seems reading strangers commenting on his actions was just too much. In my defense, I was more than fair and the comments were positive. It's hard when you want to write with deep emotional honesty about your life, and other people are involved. And I blog under a pseudonym and used a fake name for him!
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My dad was raised Catholic, and has gone back to the church in the last decade or so, and now goes to mass most days. He has a wonderful priest, the kind of man for whom all babies he baptizes relax and never cry. He prays for me, his messed up but loving kid, and also for my friends. I have a Buddhist friend who did 100 days of chanting in honor of my dear beloved cat who died of cancer last year. Religious or not, I think the energy helps us. As for your becoming a mom, I'm a new reader to your blog, but it's something I worry about, too, as I'm getting older and horribly single. But my parents were married for ten years before the doctors in the UK accidentally fixed my mom's endometriosis and allowed her to have me, so I have a weird, deep faith that things work out. One of my good friends was unable to get pregnant, and has the most freaking awesome little girl she adopted from China. You'll be a mom, and you'll be a good one.
Sarah, it probably is the same one, as she had a Laura fill in this summer when she was on maternity leave! She has quite a few TV writers as patients.
I love my acupuncturist Abigail so, so, so very much. I started going when I wrenched my sciatic nerve, and she not only fixed the acute pain, she dealt with the chronic ache I was so used to I didn't even mention it for months. "You can't sleep on your left side, and you think that's OK? Yeah, let's fix that." Plus she is a miracle worker with migraines. She has this nurturing attitude that just makes you feel taken care of and safe. I think one of your fellow writers goes to her, too, actually.
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Nov 21, 2010