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The problem is the OR headset itself. Try a different headset and the experience is far better. I can wear a Vive for an hour but can't take more than 2 minutes in an OR.
John, thank you for getting to the deeper cognitive biases - I believe each of them can be turned on its head by designing for human solutions that work for poor and rich alike. Our team of women designers, data scientists and developers at EDDEFY are creating tools to help us navigate through the dark waters while helping us share insight: 1. You can see and share the big picture, both pitfalls and achievements (not magnifying our perception of risk and discounting our perception of reward) 2. You can plan for long term life goals (No shrinking our time horizons) 3. You can pursue a path with others that is uniquely your own, assembled from all times and places (Personalized and reflective but not reactive) 4. The experiential learning process can include others so that everyone can achieve their own win (no zero sum win/lose dichotomies) 5. Sharing insight builds trust between guides, peers, teachers and seekers (and as Rachel mentions, supports dynamic relationships and communities). I am concerned with how data is being used as a weapon against people and I agree that the masculinized tech marketplace reduces people and their actions to numbers and metrics, dehumanizing the individual and our collective culture. As automation replaces more people with bots, we need new ways to value the contributions of the uniquely human spirit that celebrates and honors both creativity and discernment. Change is coming quickly and we love lighting the way, navigating long term paths to progress that empower, not enslave the masses. There will always be backlash, but I'd rather see that energy open the throttle and release the flow of information. I believe there's great potential to end slavery and create opportunities for everyone, but it will be bumpy and painful for those who abuse power. The transparent world makes the dark spots very easy to address, and this stress will likely mean we will see more frequent atrocities that are shorter in time but more lethal in concentration. These are dark and dangerous times and we need to equip each other to be more human, not less. Be the light for each other. Share more. Resist the safety blanket of your devices and make eye contact with real people from all walks of life. You are the best technology you've ever created, so work it well!
Exploring the intuition of offering ceremony and ritual for the public in ways that feels deeply connecting, close to our collective and individual purposes and celebratory as we reach the darkest nights of the year. It has been challenging to come up with the right price points that cover costs and also open space for all types of participants to be involved and share their social artistry. You can join us at as our organization stretches to host its first big event for the coming winter solstice! My intuition now is poured into the creation of interfaith ritual that feels bonded, safe, care-filled, extraordinary for all participants.
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In our technology-driven media effects startup we have found it essential to invest heavily in smart legal assistance - it has cost us more than the hard costs of setting up an office for 7. We struggle with the insanity of the current patent system and whether it makes sense for us to manufacture locally and employ peers at higher cost than our international colleagues. California is not fertile soil now for small businesses and we have had to ask whether it makes sense for us to build our base locally or to be thinking more globally in our development plan, empowering our friends in other countries to grow with us as we develop a manufacturing system that works on multiple continents. All ideas on the local/global balance are appreciated.
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