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I’m thinking our next t-shirt might be “CrossFit One World- Training To Not Suck At CrossFit.” Probably one of the best lines ever....truly classic.
Bummed you are leaving us. Keep us updated with what you are doing.
I remember Chris Spealler telling us in the Coach's Prep that the heart and soul of CrossFit was couplets and triplets. This always fascinated me because most of the benchmark girls are couplets or triplets. Fran is in my opinion a work of art. And yet very few boxes seem to program couplets or triplets and don't come up with benchmark like workouts. I don't know why, but maybe like Freddy wrote the members as they get better at CrossFit seek out that old fashion beat down feeling they got when they first started and ask for chippers to get there. The thing is...most couplets and triplets done at high intensity are old fashion beat downs.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2012 on THE ANY ASSHOLE WORKOUT at CrossFit One World
So the Thorpe dude not only did team sports but also individual. I think he has to be seriously considered the greatest...could Phelps or Dan Gable post the same resume?
Freddy, Jim Thorpe from wikipedia: Considered one of the most versatile athletes of modern sports, he won Olympic gold medals for the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon, played American football (collegiate and professional), and also played professional baseball and basketball. He played professional sports until age 41, the end of his sports career coinciding with the start of the Great Depression. In a poll of sports fans conducted by ABC Sports, Thorpe was voted the Greatest Athlete of the Twentieth Century out of 15 other athletes including Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens, Wayne Gretzky, Jack Nicklaus, and Michael Jordan.[3]
not taking anything away from Phelps, but didn't that Thorpe dude play like 3 different sports? surely that would make him the greatest athlete?
I agree with Chris. If I wasn't doing CrossFit I wouldn't have gotten into strength training and would never have done any Oly lifting. Not only that, I would never have had the slightest interest in watching that part of the Olympics. Now I like to watch hours of it...go figure.
Sadly it just reconfirms that divorce can sometimes be nasty and very expensive. Watching it unfold so publicly isn't very pretty either. One affiliate owner described it as a divorce and they were the kids having to go through it. As it affects their livelihood and what they do and their affect on many people's lives...not sure it is so interesting to watch like a reality show. That being said, Jahed is right. I would say $50 million is more like it since the business has most likely that growth potential. At this point, like lots of things in America (coca cola and McDonald's) it is all going into the arena of the lawyers.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2012 on $20,000,000 at CrossFit One World
You should have seen Chris R. after he did Fran for the first time. I have never seen that guy so quiet, sitting down and with his head slouched down. I was like "dude, what's wrong?" Did the CFFB version with Russian swings but misread it as 10 minutes of work and 10 minutes of rest. 300 KB that was a fun time.
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Jul 25, 2012