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Yeahhh... "coffee". I don't see any of that in this photo.
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He said medium about 5 times and pointed it out on the menu. The staff member is the fuckhead here for not listening and being patronizing holding out the two icee cup sizes. "Dude, medium" is a lot nicer than I would have been after having to repeat myself 5 times.
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I hate to sound like the negative nancy here but if it's on your menu as "medium" and he orders it as a medium you're in the wrong there for being a d*ck to the customer for no actual reason other than you being used to saying it a different way.
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I feel like all you had to say to avoid that scenario completely was, "I'm the NEW owner." Especially on opening night after the off season.
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Not sure where this is, but in Canada we put things like that on a 2 pole breaker so if one thing trips the entire breaker (both poles) go and the entire circuit goes down. That was it's VERY obvious what the issue is and prevents idiots like this from wasting money on a new dryer instead of checking their panel.
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... Where do you live that video stores are still a thing there? The 90s?
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Apr 5, 2016