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awadagin pratt
Interests: music, wine, beverage in general, food, sports
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hey, thanks for the link. the process seems thorough enough. the problem is either what the top 25 starters are, or who's doing the eating, or some combination thereof. obviously no matter who does the voting, or how objective the tabulating is, it's subjective... and everyone's taste buds sing to different songs... Quite similar to piano competitions, the result is only as good as the jury... more soon, and thanks very much... Deli Lama!, ap
Well noted. To protect the innocent yesterday, and the guilty today.. ..... Let's say Person Kappa and Person Gamma.....! Ap
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May 30, 2010
and too much work, but nonetheless a brilliancy that passed me by. thanks for that.
i think if it goes up it should be an all-degree, all-CCM slogan. ap
well, if I ask, and he answers, then you'll know!!!
Re: TypePad: [Bearcat Piano Festival] 7 submitted a comment on "Questions for Robert Weirich" Hm... Good question. Been thinking about that, do I want everyone to know the truth about what he didn’t like over those four years..... Hm! I will include for sure the 10,000 hours. Brilliant.. ap
30 is a lot of questions to tabulate replies from. if you have 25 more (or maybe 23-4 since i'll add some of the others,) and want to add up the answers, please let me know!!!!!
my opinion, on the DMA... and the MM and the BM... equivalent of the degree in poetry or .... the age old.... " that and a two dollars will get you a decent cup of coffee..."""""" ap
I'm going to do an interview with Robert Weirich. What do you want to know? I'm going to pose some likely questions, in your comments, vote for the ones you want me to ask. 1-5. 1. This question really must be asked 2. This is an interesting question. 3. If... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2010 at Bearcat Piano Festival
video speaks for itself... you get to make the 1st best impresssion.
ROBERT WEIRICH piano J.S. Bach GOLDBERG VARIATIONS ARIA Variation 1 Two-part Invention Variation 2 Three-part Sinfonia Variation 3 Two-part Canon at the unison with free bass Variation 4 Four-part imitative movement, quasi Passepied Variation 5 Two-part Invention for two manuals with crossing of hands Variation 6 Two-part Canon at the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2010 at Bearcat Piano Festival
IAN HOBSON RECITAL Ballade # 1, Op, 23 F. Chopin Mazurka Op.59 #1 F. Chopin Mazurka Op.59 #2 F. Chopin Mazurka Op.59 #3 F. Chopin Barcarolle Op.60 F. Chopin Waltz Op.69 #1 F. Chopin Waltz Op.34 #1 F. Chopin INTERMISSION Nocturne Op. 62 #1 F. Chopin Nocturne Op. 62#2 F.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2010 at Bearcat Piano Festival
How was the order determined???? See the Video...... Susie Ha, Op.10#10, Op. 10#3 Yukiko Kaneko Op.10#6, Trois Nouvelle Etudes #3 Connor Chee Op. 10#2, Op.10#6 Minji Kim Op. 25#11, Op. 10#6 Ed Choi Op. 10#1, Op. 10#3 Young Eun Song Op.25#9, Op.10#6 Hyun Min Kee Op. 10#6, Op. 10#7 Eun... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2010 at Bearcat Piano Festival
March 29 11am Abegg Variations Op.1 Rachel Bletstein Blumenstuck Op. 19 Yukiko Kaneko Kinderszenen Op.15 Young Eun Song Intermission Arabesque Op. 18 Ed Choi Fantasie Op.17 1. Tianjao Wang 2.3. Bret Blasius Intermission Three Romances Op.28 Connor Chee Davidsbundlertanze Op. 6, Bk1 Hyun Min Kee March 31 7pm Faschingsswank Aus... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2010 at Bearcat Piano Festival
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Mar 15, 2010