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I Googled randomly Where the Crawdads Sing and Hester Prynne just to see if anyone out there in the wide world felt there was a connection. I found this post. I did not think of Scout, but I see so much of that Hester character type in Kya. Kya's conflicted relationship to the arts/Hester's conflicted relationship to the arts. Being a woman spurned in the community (of course) is another commonality, as is Kya's change in later years in her community. It is similar to the change Hester goes through. Both have a senuous side, trials, etc. I have often wondered if Kya is an even-more Americanized version of Hester though because of her relationship to the wild. Thank you for writing this. I no longer feel alone in my thoughts in this wide world.
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Jun 11, 2020