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Amy Gfesser
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My son is unvaccinated, has a diagnosis of moderate level autism, and has elevated Anti-DNase B levels. Anti-DNase B is also a strep B infection, but I do not think that it is as severe as PANDAS. My 5 y/o son does not exhibit OCD symptoms. I recently went to a neuro-immmune symposium where Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD spoke. He said that everything that he has learned, he has learned from treating children who have an autism diagnosis. On his handouts, he wrote that Anti-DNase B "blocks" dopamine receptors or just blocks dopamine. He said that dopamine is needed for sensory integration. I think that it is important to mention this in regards to this article and PANDAS. I am not sure if any of the links have citations that link PANDAS to low dopamine levels. Amy
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on Autism and PANDAS at AGE OF AUTISM
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Nov 28, 2011