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Dear Ruth, I love your commentary. I love your books, I love your magazines, I love your work. I miss Gourmet. I had the opportunity to attend one symposium, and it was one of the highlights of my life. You talked to me, Anthony Bourdain (I could only mutter, "I'm a Crip AND a Blood!") I went to Craft, I had the time of my life. Some chef from Martha's Vineyard hit on me, it was great! I brought all my cherished books so all my heros could sign them, not realizing that it was a book Buying and Signing session. Regardless, I have been such a fan, mostly of your books, but also of the things that you are passionate about. I went to one session at the October syposium, with the food writers and most of them just didn't want to travel anymore. Perhaps their lifestyle had changed through the years. I was confused at their disdain since I thought they had the best job in the whole world. My children have grown and I would love nothing better than to travel the globe, or city or web in search of culinary delights, inspirational meals and special techniques, ingredients and teachings to simply and enhance life. I travel New England extensively and know so many wonderful places that I would love to share with your audience. Now, a few years later, newspapers have closed down, fantastic magazines are gone. Cooks Illustrated is in my backyard, and his mag is chock full of great tips, but his monologes are so tedious and narcisscistic, it turns me off. Yankee is getting bigger, so it baffles my mind that you are no longer at Gourmet, clearly one of the biggest. You are the BEST. You have so much talent in inspiring food and cooking, and absolutely no it from all of your work. Epicurious is so huge, but you offer so much. Call me (or email)! I would love to help. The world needs more Ruth... I am thinking an internet magazine... Amy 207-925-2010
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Jul 25, 2010