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Mar 15, 2010
That's a great story - and you're lucky to have such a wise and understanding friend. Kids try things out, make bad choices sometimes, and learn from their mistakes. Sometimes we adults forget that kids are KIDS -- they're not inherently noble or unselfish, they're little learning machines, trying to get their needs met and understand how the world works.
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"I look back on my childhood and never was there a time that I felt unloved or neglected." You are truly blessed to have that feeling in your childhood. I was raised by parents who were overwhelmed, self-absorbed, and not getting along (and trying to hide it). I DO NOT want to recreate the overall feeling of "not enough love to go around" that pervaded my childhood home. Everyday I remind myself to slow down, look my children in the eye, and make sure they feel like the most important people in the world - to me.
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I'm with CityMama -- wholeheartedly. Both my husband and I are overeducated Ph.Ds with an ongoing passion for kid's education -- and a background in child development - and we look on in astonishment at parents who get sucked into the competitive preschool mindset. It's NUTS. I think the more you know about how children learn, the sillier it seems to push formal academics in preschool.
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I live in Half Moon Bay, and do a lot of work in Silicon Valley. I design games and social software for a living -- I'm a longtime nerd, as well as a devoted Mom of 2. I blog about my work and family (all mixed together) at -- and I blog about my new baby daughter (and other family issues) at
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I would like to play! [email protected]
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