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same here. i've been thinking of writing anonymously, putting those stories out there but without the names attached, just to get them out there, because i don't know how to do it without breaking hearts - even if i were the best writer in the world, i don't think i could tell these stories without someone getting hurt. 2014 i want to try to figure this out. love to you, and your bravery.
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i can only think of 1 rationale: he *is* diabetic.
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i'm a little late reading this, but how's it going now?
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"Whenever I describe my job to anyone they either ignore the anguish in my voice and will say something like, “that sounds interesting! Women’s health! You’re a woman!” or they’ll be like, “Cool! You get paid pretty well to sit around pulling the split ends off your hair for hours! You shouldn’t complain.” ..."More than that, though, doing absolutely nothing is demoralizing. And boring. I’m a zombie." i have been working at the a well-paying and socially/ethically/environmentally correct yet utterly boring desk job where some days i literally am ALONE in the office with NO WORK TO DO for 10+ years. my friends/family are amazed i am not more grateful for such an american dream. on the one hand: that is why i have a blog. but i so feel you on this. i feel you hard. i cannot still be at this desk in 2012. i will perish.
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AWE. SOME. good on your mom!
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i have felt these pulls, but i am not as brave as you are. i have missed your presence online a lot since you left Eye on Blogs, and now i will miss you even more. i wish we would have had more than one dinner, but i am hoping to be in NYC in 2011 and i hope i can find you happy there.
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