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Durban - South Africa
Retention is my name and game...
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Too right! When so much money is spent on acquiring that new customer/donor, why are they then forgotten about and pushed to one side to make space for more... It's constant though, so many organisations are more interested in setting up generic, automated communications that mean absolutely nothing to most of their customers/donors that are receiving them. This is naturally something that I feel extremely passionate about, spending a number of hours each week working on donor journeys, so each time I hear experiences like this I have to cringe. I can see the picture you painted here which resembles many F2F fundraising donor journeys, Stephen being the attentive F2F fundraiser. I was recently reminded of just how disappointing customer service can be when emailing a charity about my direct debit & asking just two questions - 1. when would I be receiving my welcome/confirmation letter (it had been over a month) & 2. how could I further support them. I also gave them my email address which I had not given them first time around. Not only was I extremely shocked to be treated like I was putting them out, they didn't even both to answer the second question. I was told to simply wait another few days for the letter to come though. Still not having received any letter weeks later or any type of communication from them, I'm seriously considering supporting another charity who does similar work. My worry is how many other donors are being treated in the exact same way. With more choice of charities to support, many carrying out similar work, it's only a matter of time before donors wise up and move on. It comes down to investment; which is more important to invest in, acquisition of new donors or retention of those donors who continue to support you on a regular basis?!
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Jul 15, 2009