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Amy Roper
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Depends on the day. If we are going to be out and I want him to stay dry then no, but if it's a play day then jump away!
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OK fine. They don't serve cupcakes. The issue isn't cupcakes. Cupcakes aside, you're telling me it's ok not to make them rainbow cookies because of who they love? We must have different Gods because my God doesn't reward people for discrimination. Hey, I have a good idea. Let's put all the gays in an island. Let's segregate the coloreds and revoke the voting rights of women folk. Has anyone out there heard of a little document called the Constitution of the United Stated of America? I don't care who anyone loves. I'll take love over hate any day.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2010 on Rainbow Cupcakes and Gay Pride? at i am mommy
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I'm pretty sure those are even more reasons TO read your blog - not to stop!
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Jun 22, 2010