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Paris Karin here -- or formerly Paris Karin. I moved *back* to Colorado three weeks ago. Just by chance I happened to pop in here again. Someone on Facebook had linked in a post by French Girl in Seattle, who linked in a post to you (the one about bureaucracy from 2011). I clicked on recent posts to read you are in "small town Colorado." LOL!! My gosh the world is a small place. :) I'm in Denver. If you should happen to be passing through and have time for a coffee, send me a message via the Contact page on my blog! As for this post, I keep catching myself saying "Pardon" when getting out of someone's way. Thankfully, it's pretty close to how we say it in English, too, if a bit formal-sounding, lol. Take care & have fun in Colo-radical. :) xx Karin
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I'm Paris Karin, here from Shannon's blog & Twitter about her guest spot here. What a great post! :) I spent les vacances in Paris this summer, and was thinking many of these same things as I did. No, you don't always have to get away to appreciate being home. Thanks, Shannon, for writing this!
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What a wonderful story about Shakespeare & Co. A worthy recipient, indeed!
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Mar 22, 2010