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edited to remove the accuser's name Also on Facebook (on the Law profile, which is incredibly imprudent) S-- B----, Lawyer for Music and Film FEAR: For a few days now, I have been stalked and bullied by a crazy. This dangerous person has instilled fear, for sure. This video has helped me during this difficult time. May it bless you, too. She is SUCH a little tease. When are we going to get some nice juicy details about your dark side, Liz? Dates you were spotted lurking near her home, recorded phone calls... heck, even a quote from your blog, tweets or comments will do. Hours spent smearing, not a shred of proof is forthcoming. Nor has she answered any direct questions about what occurred.
Damn, damn, damn, I've got 'Uprising' stuck in my head again. Anyway, either paranoia really is in full bloom, or she's a vicious, lying piece of shit trying to cover her back rather than apologise. Of course, the one neither excludes nor excuses the other.
I edited this to remove the accuser's name I would be most intrigued to see what proof she has of any stalking, threats to her family, bullying and harassment, particularly as she spent at least 10 hours on Twitter today in what appears to be an all-out attempt at destroying your reputation and network. I Storyfied as much as I could of her timeline. I couldn't go back any further in time, so there may well have been more. "How not to defame someone, a lesson in viciousness by S-- B----" If she can't prove her claim, and I do not think she can, then she is certainly asking for a libel lawsuit. Oh, fun fact: even if a tweet has been deleted, if you have the exact time it was posted, you can still find it and publish it. That's how you insert tweets into Wordpress. Hint to anybody with a WP blog and a sudden urge to Streisand ;)
Oh dear, 5th November a really, really bad choice for Carl Sagan Day. It's Guy Fawkes' day in the UK.
Bored? Little drama queen, have you not realised how entertaining you are to intelligent and rational people? Of course, in attacking a good man and spreading lies about him you have also offended us, which is why we have a firm grip on your goolies whether you realise it or not.
I actually felt physically ill when I read this. The more so because at the time both he and I were trying to draw this virulent mythomaniac away from attacking other bloggers, such as SkepticalOB. I'm harder to find, so preumably Ren got both barrels. No doubt EpiRen was a little naïve in letting himself be easily identified on the Net. OTOH, this tw...erp is too, and I expect that it would be fairly easy to check up on what harassment laws exist in his vicinity. I agree with Todd that this person seems to have serious problems. Perhaps not DM-level, but pretty bad nevertheless.
@carter It's nothing to do with the Left. It's all to do with two brave and capable people being totally ignored because of what they are. OTOH "Did they run and hide? No, they're lesbians" is a bloody stupid statement. Who in their right mind would write something like "Did they run and hide? No, they're heterosexuals"? Or "vegetarians"? Or "quantity surveyors"? "Did they run and hide? No." would have sufficed.
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Aug 1, 2011