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Anastasia Astridge
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Hi! I wondered if you could help? I finally got my PL page protectors (I live in Europe) only to discover that they were the wrong size! What I thought was a 3x4 journaling card pocket turned out to be a 4x4 pocket. At the moment I am stuck with what I have... 50 page protectos with 6x8 and 4x4 slots; whole bunch of 3x4 journaling cards and 10-15 12x12 papers... I was planning to create a hybrid PL this year... Do you have any ideas how I can use the 4x4 pockets? how to journal? how to change the whole layout concept of a PL album to accommodate 4x4 sized pockets? I am so so so angry and disappointed and frustrated... I so was waiting for the protectors to arrive!:-(
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Jan 27, 2012