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(5) I do believe that choosing the school I will be attending will change the course of my life due to many things. Since I am going to a smaller school I won't have to pay as much and I won't have tons of student loans after I graduate. Also, since I have already taken college credit classes in high school I will be able to knock out hours in my first year and begin taking more classes that is based on my major. Now that I will be able to focus more on my major I will be a step ahead from my friends attending a four-year college. Even though community colleges are looked down upon, many people need to realize how much they would benefit them in the long run.
I agree with White's argument because I think everyone should go to college. Even though for some people they have to take out student loans because of how expensive it is to go to school, once they graduate and get a job they will be able to pay it off. As White showed in the graphs, those who went to college, experienced or recent, received more money entering their job rather than someone with just a high school diploma. Also people who have a college degree are more likely to get a job over someone who only has a high school diploma.
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Feb 5, 2016