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I felt the tone of the story was a bit too light-hearted. I realize that in a situation like that humor can be used to keep calm, so ultimately I liked the story. In regards to gun control, I think Americans need to shift our focus to taking guns more seriously. Gun ownership is a huge responsibility. It is for the good of our country to responsibly own guns. Some of us are not able or willing to rise to the responsibility. I guess the big question of gun control is at what point do we say we have enough control? Once we start down the path of more control, I think it can be difficult to turn back. The gun problem is that most people do not teach their children about gun safety and the importance of being able to defend against an out of control government. Instead, society is teaching children that there is no reason that civilians should have guns. Each and every one of us can start by taking responsibility for the lessons we are teaching in our homes.
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Feb 27, 2013