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Futurist, you mentioned how everyone has a smartphone nowadays and that we should make use of it, so it follows that we should make use of technology related to that. For instance, the problem you have with some url's being too long is easily and aesthetically solved with the use of data matrices. Many people with smartphones have bar-code scanners now, and most of those scanners are all data matrix compatible. Just find a free bar-code generator online and put the url, no matter how long, into it. The data matrix comes out and is copy-pasted onto the flier. Someone sees it, takes out their smartphone, and snaps a picture; now they have the url on their phone without having to type a word. This easily solves a minor problem and makes people more likely to visit these sites as they don't have to memorize a url or google search word. Here's a free online program: And here's the Misandry Bubble as a data matrix:
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2011 on It is Time to Expose Misandry at The Futurist
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Jan 1, 2011