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I actually enjoyed seeing the militarist aspect get shredded in the movie. That only reflects my opinion that we havent had a good military worldwide since Grecian times (its a "any monkey can be taught to shoot a gun" vs. "swords and gnads" kinda thing. Thats me though.
There are several proven "models" the game could tailor to- its not so much that it would/could have questing, experience and even crafting systems in it, but they would have to be done WELL. EQ2 has a very nice questing system that involves expansive storylines behind it. It also has a very nice crafting system. My fear would be a WoW tailored MMO- Mr. Cameron, if you are listening, PLEASE dont allow your work (if it ever takes this direction) to be governed by the same cheap mind setters that handle games like World of Warcraft- its an excellent business MODEL, but the game itself leaves much to be desired. A company like Sony *could* pull it off but Sony's downfall is overbearing expense on the consumer (subscription rates). I could go on for hours about the pros and cons of why or why not who could make the game. I better stop here :) Anyways, there are alot of ways one could introduce a monetary system into "Pandora" and keep within the "feel" of the world. I see no mention of money in the movie, but just looking at the "likeness" to (navi) indigenous peoples on earth, we dont have to really see "money"- heck, shells, tusks, claws, what have you. Crafting system could be very flavorful. More later...
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Dec 29, 2009
If done properly, how could it? Seriously; unique storyline, world, and a constant stuggle between factions. I thought about this for some time and it'd be an excellent merger of a technology based/fantasy based storyline. The state of the current MMO's out there is deplorable to say the least. Something like a "Pandora" world *could* breathe life back into a troubled industry- but it'd be a very thin edge because given the wrong "drive" (developer vision) it'd destroy a wonderful possibility. Personally, I'd drop every project I ever started on to work on and in a venture like this to see it succeed.
Has anyone out there thought (like me?) that Avatar would make an excellent MMO? /discuss Continue reading
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Dec 29, 2009
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Dec 29, 2009