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They talk and invest in hydrogen since more than 10 years ago and now they talk like they are starting for good today.
Im pretty sure that the older 234 vehicles been replaced were still good and now there will be surpluses of 234 good vans been scrapped instead of giving these still good vans to competitor delivery companies.
Jmartin, you got a point. Personnaly i think that this heat produce additional water vapors and it is insignificant compare to the already quantity of wator vapors already in the atmosphere and quantity of sun radiation everyday. This is like o.00000% so it is not measurable for the entire earth.
The main problem is that these fuelcells cost more and there is no cheap hydrogen methods of production. 10 years ago i was positive about finding a way to produce a way to get plenty of plenty of compressed gazeous hydrogen gas in cheap 3600 psi tanks but after reading harvyd comments since the last 10 to 12 years im quiting the idea of believing plentiful cheap abondant hydrogen.
The way it is build don't permit to this machine to be cheaper in price and more efficient in gas and electricity consumption and the rounded tires will worn out very fast and univently front to rear. I only recommend to ship these cars to mars for future usage by the climate change gang in 2030 approx. Begin by creating a mars atmosphere with oxygen content and some hydro barrage for electricity and use larger tires if mars surface is sandy and not hard enouph for too narrow tires.
I read this article carefully. WE talk about 400 millions dollar. Im waiting for your comments because 400 millions in investment is huge so i would appreciate to at least have further comments because i pay mountly internet bills and i read this article in 7 minutes and i was deceive that there is no further comments from bloggers and i expect at least some 10 additional minutes of useful reading here in green car congress. Note: you can also try to write additional content more or less related to the article that would be entertaining like your personal appreciation of nuclear energy and arms in your life.
Cars works because of the car engineers. These supposedly device cheats are been invented by the climate gang to collect big fines for themself. Stop publisching lies everywhere, all day long. These peoples inventing new rules everyday don't know a single thing about it.
Ok good work. Now increase the efficiency by a 3x factor and change the fuel gor hydrogen instead to decrease pollution 100%. As soon as a ice engine reach a certain mpg increase, than we can carry enouph hydrogen to conserve enouph range. Actually fuelcell and hydrogen combustion engines are too inneficient to power big trucks. Hey folks, i have another idea. Instead of following the news and articles about energy and endup like harvyd and engineer poet waiting for a miracle breakthru endlessly. To conter react this endless useless hope, we can TAKE CONTROL of the market by uniting each and all consumers in a big strike AGAINST car manufacturers. Then we have to stop buying any new car and trucks and keep our actual vehicle till it can't run at all because it is 100% wornout. We can clearly stay like that for at least 10 to 12 years without problems. Then if a manufacturer don't go bankrupt and really start selling a real great car or truck, we all buy it if it cost less than 15 000$ brand new with a 10 year warrantee.
Stop postings false articles and blogging lies. If you want a big battery that charge in 5 minutes than pay yourself ALL THE ASSOCIATED COSTS and stop immediately stealing my tax money for your personnal chargers and battery car. You can also move to mars and stay there with elon musk. But don't bring too much masses as it might change to much earth masses and change the rotation rate of our planet and change the earth orbit and cause severe CLIMATE CHANGE.
I perfectly know how a grid works and this level of power is impossible to implement. It will cause huge local problems and a raise of electricity costs.
No need to spend big tax money to analyse all that. It is too broad and difficult to evaluate. they also do not take account for all these thing do for helping transport and energy and industrial. they do not admit that peoples rely on industrialisation for foods, shelters, transport, medical, work places, school, etc. Instead follow the postings of harveyd, enginneer poet and and bri for more scientific free studies and evaluations on anything.
Trump will not be proud of you endorcing bot products and bot lifestyle proposed by organised aliens special forces. I think that nasa should investigate this company, maybe they are preparing a earth invasion from martians that will put us in tiny bocals controlled by harvyd programmed electronic micro-chips.
Hey folks, these studies bring big money when they do the study and also bring big money to associated partners when they gonna try to inplement costly solutions to remove these pollutions. Did you notice that all and each politicians and harvyd are just talking how to bring more and more tax money to these chaps. Only trump do not talk all the time about pollution but he work full time to raise the price of all products and services sold in u,s,a that are coming from canada, mexico, asia, south-america, europe, antartica, africa, east-europe, russia, middle east, artic.
These are probably toxic fumes from batteries manufacturing facilities and raw lithium processing. It come from tesla mega-factories and endup in U.K. Also coal burning to charge batteri is only 18% efficient and emits a lot of solid and gaseous toxins. To cover their acts, scientist paid by taxs put the blame on petroleum and hires journalists to publish false reports endorsed wholeheartely by harvyd.
I don't believe a single bit that bmw can predict that they will INVENT a 700 kms battery in 2021. If they know something now then they can at least prove it in an actual working certified prototype. they are scammers that do the same as all the corrupted scientific community, I"E lying permanantly. I will never buy a battery car and i will keep my actual small gasser fpr the future eons of time. But if ever someone really invent and commercialise a really good battery and he know what he is doing than this battery will be cheap and do over 2000 miles, so i will buy it at this time. Till then im hoping that somebody else will be elected to replace deceiving trump and that he cansel ALL SUBSIDIES toward green scammers and remove all carbon targets.
I said last year to commercialize gas-hydrogen cars where you pick up cheap hydrogen gas while you can but you are never caught empty because there is gas if there is no hydrogen available. Also a cylinder mix of hydrogen gas with some gasoline increase gas burning rate and speed of flame reducing engine drag and wasted heat true the cylinder head. It's not because i own and drive a small ice caer that i really likeit, so commercialize rightaway a cheaper better car made in zimbawe builded with recycled waste metal at 10 000$ new.
I don't know enouph the inner working of batteries to soundly judge if it's promising and real or if it gonna never work. So i decided myself with no help from no one to keep my small gasser till something real and better appear on the market could it be powerful low cost battery, hydrogen at 1.50$ kilogramm with over 100 mpg or cheap serial gasoline hybrid at 120 mpg. I think all green technologies are actually too costly except maybe the nissan gas serial hybrid note e-power. It is strange that since a year now rgw the e-note hitted the market absoulutly nobody tell us how much mpg it do in real life. Probably i pay a useless internet connection and the associated electricity to make it work.
Hey folks, The world can do like me and pollute 2x less by consuming less. Take the car radios and speakers for exemple. These devises are working for a lifetime and just me bought a good car sound system till more than 30 years and when i put my car to garbage i keep the radio for the next car. 99% of tesla owners buy costly electronics installed in the car which are useless and keep the car for 2 to 3 years before selling their garbage to another one and we have to constantly to maintain a big polluting electronic infrastructure that only give some wet dreams to stupid gadgets maniacs that harass us thereafter and accuse all the poors of polluting their world.
As i said in an earlier post at autobloggreen, im interested to buy this engine but smaller in a low cost small car. Im here to save gas to the utmost degree but journalists car manufacturers and bloggers all try to coax us to spend more than the least physical amount of money to drive our cars. This is dictated by the stock market financial mob. I confronted the laws of physics and i am sure that we can sell a brand new car for less than 8 000$ that do over 120 mpg on regular gas without costly maintenance. Also notice that my article is way more interesting than the usual car blog articles for no money at all. The entire economy and cultural space is plague by inneficient money makers and i despise them.
Do you think that consumers will rush to car dealerships wanting to buy an ev with this battery, LOL.
I said till a year to commercialize a bi-fuel gas-hydrogen ice car, Is it clear now or you wuill still flare away 35% of the natural gas that is coming out of petroleum extraction. Some day i was hoping that trump and pruitt will erase all the energy catastrophies happening everywhere. these incompetant bureaucrats are really starving the entire planet but till than journalists and most bloggers are cashing good money been paid to cover the scene.
Ok release this engine on the market right now in a low cost car and connect this engine to an electric generator instead of connecting it to the wheels as this type of engine is not suited to be directly operating the wheels at different load rpm events. But simply turning a generator, than we can extract his power and seriously downsizr the engine. It's been many uearts that i say to release a gas serial hybrid but kournalists and bloggers here are opposing and spreading fake discoveries impedind greener technologies to really suduce the consumers and give profit to manufacturers.
Even if a were famous and rich i will still own and drive my actual car, a gas Hyundai accent 6 speeds 2014. This is not taste or budget, this is applied science, is it clear now ?
The more than perfect NEW transaction whole heartely endorsed by harvyd and probably by all billionairs in the new united earth green cartel for reducing earth temperature by 0.000000000001 % on a kevin temperature scale. After that in summer millions of NEW tourists will fly from india and africa and south-america to Alaska and siberia to swim in the artic sea.