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Chris Andersen
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Keynesian economics explained in one sentence: you have to spend money to make money.
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2014 on A note on Krugman's note at The Carpentariat
I just watched the movie last night and I agree with your assessment. The movie feels like a portrayal of the overall atmosphere of the times rather than an attempt to portray anyone in particular as either a hero or a villain. The main character is a stand-in for America. She may be disgusted by what she is seeing, but she swallows the bile and pushes on because the trauma of 9-11 needed "closure" and she/America felt that the only way to get it was to kill bin Laden. Of course, when she finally succeeds she feels empty inside. She can't even celebrate(*). In the final shot, when the pilot of the plane asks here where she wants to go now, the full magnitude of where she has been and what she has been through finally sinks in. She's come out of a haze and now she has to decide where she wants to go now. (* nor, I might add, do the navy seals, who, except for a few half-hearted whoops, just seem to go about their business with an almost stunned comprehension of what they just did.)
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Aug 29, 2011