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With the charming pictures, this could be the launch of the next Dumb and Dumber...BTW Monson would be easier to waterboard just because he's nearly a foot shorter and it could all be done in the standard bathtub.
Has Donald Trump done anything novel and HUGE in the business world since he bought The Plaza Hotel (for a minute) and Mara Lago (he ruined it! imagine if Biltmore or San Simeon were retrofitted into time-shares with cheap art, freshly stained sheets, bed bugs, and imitiation EVERYTHING?!) was this circa 1987?? don't recall...almost everything else with his name on it was developed by investors and others who have probably never even met him. To his credit, Donald Trump was a pioneer celebrity insofar as seeing brand value and potential as being a very fluid thing that was wedded to a narrative. I'd bet that NBC has some super secret war room to monitor Donald before today's "F" word becomes tomrrow's "N" word on satellite interview with Dr. Laura. It's reported that Mr. Trump earns $30-$40 million per year from Apprentice that show, and that that's the bulk of his personal income. Some people quietly argue that Trump is playing an even more perilous game than Charlie Sheen--regardless what Charlie does next, Two and 1/2 Men is already a lock for Seinfeld-type staggering syndication deals (hell, Chuck Lorre probably does owe Charlie $100M!)...but if Trump effs up badly, there goes the Apprentice show AND the Trump brand--as temporal, fleeting and fragile as Donald's hair! I doubt if people in the future will wanna see reruns of Gary Busey getting fired by some asshole ogling his own daughter. Reality Television has been good as gold for the media corporations, as low budget filler until the next Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson and Aaron Spelling come along in "the new media." BTW, if any one, in their travels, happens upon a Trump joint, make sure to tell them you're on a very confidential and personal list that Mr. Trump does not even put his name on because it has nothing to do with sales or marketing...Donald named this project Alexandrite's 365 (named after the wife of Donald's favorite 19th Century Russian writer--he said her eyes were such a rare and beautiful pallete of colors that even the recreation made him cry. The Donald Himself created this list as a safety net for his closest friends and associates...tell them it's so rare and off the record that they have to call Trump International HQ and get approval, and the code to tell them is: "ad zero long-form." ...regale the befuddled employee with some personal history...that all this plan was began by Donald when someone he had known since childhood made weekend reservations because Donald insisted she see this location, and how remote and spectaclar this site was... but when she arrived, the front desk had no rooms available! All because a bunch of big shots crashed the place and with their VIP/Big Trump/Junior Big/Trump/Prefered Guest/ blah blah guest status; and worse yet, Donald's dear friend had to sleep in her rental car for 2 days!! ...anyway tell the desk staff that this private list, called "long-form...Alexandrite 365 list" is a very personal guarantee from Donald: anyone personal friend *always* has access to a corner suite at the price of standard room. Close with a comment that it's unfortunate the marketing and media whiz kids show so little of the real Donald; Mr. Trump's big heart and listening skills are amazing. Donald Trump is not real Presidential timber! He's a TV star. He also does not have liquidity to dump cash into a campaign--I think Mitt Romney has spent close to $100M of his own cash since 1994. If Trump were serious, Rove and Axelrod types and their operatives, coupled with the old media titans (NYT/WSJ/POST etc.) would probably drive the poor guy to suicide if they decided to aggressively investigate and deconstruct the man. The public figure Donald Trump is an amusing joke, and it has worked to his advantage, but he's risking becoming the dark, toxic kind of joke no one laughs at (think Mel Gibson or Michael Richards). Writing or commenting about Trump is sooo tempting cuz it's easy: there are libraries of corpuses of laugh-track material that spans so many decades.
He worked in media a really long time so you gotta assume that there is a live girl or a dead boy somewhere...or at least an on-call liveryman/gardener with questionable immigration papers. He needs to be vetted. He is such a tabula rasa total blank and he has very good name and face recognition in the local media. He might win as Tim Hill or Dan Evans type, but survive the Republican caucuses?? Didn't Kirby Wilbur say that he became chairman of the GOP to grow their tent? Kirby seems like a weird choice for that role. BTW is his brother or cousin the governor of Mississippi? :-)
Trump is just a pig! People overseas must see him and think that the USA has become a banana republic. It's unfortunate that the White House decided to stoop to their level. It just leaves such bad tatse in my mouth.
On rare occasions, Mr. McDermott wanders off of the mainstream reservation, but I cannot really think of any one else I'd like to have be the Member who represents me in Congress. He has SENIORITY and he works his buns off for the 1st. I probably agree with somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of the time--depending which 2 year voting block...even if you refuse to see him as anything except a Fox News antagonist cariacture, consider that he is sincere and not out to make money...maybe in his own audacious, peculiar way Baghdad was Jim prescient about Iraq. Think of all politics being expressed on an old horse shoe: in the middle there would be the people so moderate that they have a rash on their loins from fence sitting, and then on the left it branches into liberals and progressives (both sides have their own populism); then on the right are conservatives and Tea Party and libertarian...any way both opposite ends of shoe are communism and facism basically facing each other. McDermott and Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich would be faced across on the shoe from Jim Demint, Rand Paul, et al.
NPR/BBC/CBC are some of the last real sources for quality, nuanced and well-sourced real journalism. It's not that those people writing that you quote are snobs, it's just that there are plenty other mediums to get your fill on fluffier/pop-culture topics, but when the shit hit hits the fan (like the present Middle East) they have real breaking news.
Talk radio is entertainment/theater for the mind!
I would be surprised to see him off of Fox; he has an unique cult of personality following that may not be huge in numbers, but if I were gonna advertise on Fox, I bet on many products that his personal endorsement carriers a lot of sway. I was quite impresssed with his ability to draw a crowd in DC. Hell, he may get axed...CNN would just pick him up again. I was really shocked that MSNBC sacked Keith Olbermann, so you never know. I have never really listened to or watched Glenn Beck--too much like trying to make sense out of a Qadhafi speech. Seriously!
The President is, *politically*, kicking amateur Tea-Party checker player ass. I thought WTF are GOP leaders doing giving Obama Don't Ask Don't Tell (strictly a boutique victory for his hard core base), and then START--making him look statesman-like back in December 2010, after they'd just shellacked him in November 2010. Being the party of NO! and capricious filibusters won them over 60 House seats (if you include all the states, etc., the GOP picked up about 700 offices). And the dumbf*ck GOP wanted the effin' budget?????? In these times, it does not make common sense to let the Obama/Pelosi Budget now become Boehner's mess. And well over 50% of voters like things in the health care provision that have become law. So, let the state GOP attorney generals in these tight times pursue the biggest frivolous lawsuit in history--imagine the effects of re-writing the Commerce Clause?? I doubt that Supremes are that bought and sold--save maybe Thomas. Oh yeah, and part of the GOP budget is gonna be to gut things in "Obama Care" like (1) putting cash-money in granny's pocket via tightening the prescription donut hole; (2) protecting kids with cancer or other pre-existing conditions from getting discriminated against by private insurers, so that their parents have the widest available choices in providers and medical centers to offer life saving treatments; and (3) I don't even think most in the freshman crop of GOP are stupid enough to discontinue allowing children up to age 26 to be covered on their parent's insurance. The fact that unemployment is hovering around 9.0% and Obama is >50%--beating Christie by 20% in NJ, etc. is encouraging. But progressives *must* be vigilant AND ORGANIZE NOW!, as Ohio and Florida are must wins and they went very GOP in 2010. We just gotta get people to vote.
Who the eff cares about David Boze??? Yeah the loss of another local guy is truly too bad. But how could The David Boze Show even fathom success in the Seattle market when he framed his show around a bitter, dying ideology in its last death throes?? Kinda like Medved thinking he'll get Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity sized contract only if he hates the least among us a little more (think homeless vets or poor urban kids getting fed at school). And don't even start me on his refusal to admit the Neo-Con/Cheney experiment was a huge failure; and a failure that will sadly affect the future of his beloved Jerusalem. Back to Bozo, I cannot imagine that he is even that exciting to his fellow Stepford-esque Hillsdale alum in their 20's and 30's. BTW young adults in that age demo no longer even know WTF terrestial radio is!!! Anywhoo that's the huge media sea-change that the likes of Rupert Murdoch cannot even get their empire around. David Boze needs to go away and get a real job. And I basically liked Bryan Suits, even though I disagreed with a lot of his positions that he took on his show. I guess it's just a personal thing.
...regardless, Mr. Hatch, Dave Boze needs to be off Seattle public airwaves FORTHWITH!!!!!!!1 I do not listen at all regularly to Boze; however, my memory of spoken English is at least average...last few times I happenend upon him he was not just intellectual wannabe reject from almighty "Hillsdale" with Medved crush...and married to THAT woman...*even Dave Boze* could do better..."DAAAAAAAAAVVVVE YOUR BACON IS GETTING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Fire him forthwith and replace him with Sean Hannity. At least Mr. Hannity has the grace and class not to inarguably race-bait and poke fun at gay people like me. He's DAVID BOZE IS A SHAMELESS RACIST AND HOMOPHOBE....good bye (BTW: he has effed up X5+ since I have been back in Seattle and listened to that show: +/- 45 minutes over last month/this month). Go back to killing to killing animals and having your way with that woman who turned Afgan men gay. PS: I have played football too--THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO BE OBESE BOZE!
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2010 on KTTH finalizes schedule line-up at BlatherWatch
does Ryan Hatch = Mormon primogeniture, or have I just had 4 beers?
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I suppose because your mother was in her 90's and had been sick for years that this supposed to lessen your grief or the solace others might be inclined to offer up. To me, it just means that she took good care of herself and was born with great genes. We only get one mom and you just lost yours. I am sorry.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2010 on Suzanne Mersereau Hood 1919-2010 at BlatherWatch
Mr. Suits, at least 90% of all my crushes are that way and intercontinental...that's why I am very sensistive broaching such things;-)
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2010 on KVI: oldies in, bryan suits outI at BlatherWatch
Occam's raxor...the law of parsominoae...or just that what's most likely the truth IS PROLLY THE TRUTH...anywhoo, that's what I go with...too cheap and paranoid to go with Vegas or Geroge Noory (though I miss him...there are no ones who equal either him or Mr. Bell to slowly fall asleep with).:-( As a programming matter (AND PROFIT!!), someone in Sea-town needs to quickly pick up C2C before I get loud and obnoxious... and embarass myself! :-)
I will miss Suits because he was local and I awaken early, and NPR and Stephanie Miller cannot always be captivating. I think I slammed him pretty hard on here, but that was cuz I liked him and I cannot stand it when someone whom I have some modicum of respect for acts blatantly stupid...even if it is part of his contract! :-) And, no he was not a man-crush, but he was a secular conservative...hard to find them these days in the media. And I respected his service overseas.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2010 on KVI: oldies in, bryan suits outI at BlatherWatch
I wouldn't be surprised if Olbermann was not in on it. You cannot be that big and break any law whatsoever PERIOD...Caesar's laws or Comcast's...people who earn that much money and are into those type of contracts don't sneeze publicly without having it cleared by someone, and they seldom write their own checks; google "private banking" and see how the .5% really live. If it was an accident someone's head will roll for real. But this creates a lot of buzz that gets MSNBC and Fox into the news cycle...drawing a dichotomy that ultimately makes Fox look less newsworthy. Interesting timing, too, right after Election Day when, for obvious reasons, all news ratings are in free-fall. Assume *everyone* is lying to you, then try to sort it out yourself and you might get close to the truth on occasion. :-)
cannot think or spell this morning....that should read: "reveal to the real hoodlums...;" I must need a beer!
I will be there. And a *real* tactical person would never real to the hoddlums, gang bangers, and right-wing crazies if they are armed, and if so, where they are packin' lol :-)
If I had bet money before yesterday, I would have been sure that she was kinda "cougar-type" maybe into 2 or 3 romances per year w/ hot young dudes...never thought she was a total slut like she likes to joke...but that is how I'd read her. Shows you that anybody could be gay, and it's especially incumbent on those of us who neighbors, co-workers, colleagues, etc., would prolly never have clue...for us to come out really says the way, "gay" is just an immutable orientation that prolly <10% of people are born with...always been that way and always will...iot's not contagious!
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on Stephanie miller is gay at BlatherWatch
"have ways" != "half-ways" :-)
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on Stephanie miller is gay at BlatherWatch
OMFG I have loved Steph for the longesttime, and I am not stupid; I am also a gay dude who has occasional girl-crushes...anyways, I'd had no fucking clue, and there are others who have been involved with show who I was pretty certain were gay...I guess it's that gay guys and gay girls are kinda polar opposite in a lot of thought... processes...dunno why I had no clue...except that I also can play str8, if you will 'bout as good as her...did not start to come out till age 30 and I am not a public figure. I am sooooooo proud of Steph!!!!!!!!!!!! And she still sounds have ways dead-apnned serious when she talks about her naughty sexy about Sean Hannity....she is good!
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on Stephanie miller is gay at BlatherWatch
BTW, Tommy, I get your point re: Medved, and he does push the seam with his mockery of the homeless...I guess he thinks it's funny and endears his Medheads to him more so??? Maybe? Dunno. But Michael Medved never has equalled Dr. Laura in utter declasse, disgusting depravity; he has a brain that's usually engaged, even though I prolly disagree w/him ~75%. Medved is quite progressive on immigration, surely to the peril of his core listeners, and for that I respect him.
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This is soooooooo wrong on so many levels that it doesn't even deserve serious discussion; and, I suppose it's all OK cuz she has negro liveryman/body-guard on payroll who also can jump on the basketball court or WTF...Anywhoo, I normally do not talk or think in such crass, impolite terms and use misognynistic language, but Dr. Laura = C(an't) U(nderstand) N(ormal T(hinking).
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on Dr. Laura: "take on the n-word!" at BlatherWatch
I am curious if any of you inside baseball-type radio people could guesstimate what she was being paid at KVI. And that is not at all to say that low wages are an excuse to steal from your employer, but often when people are in abusive work place situations they resort to less than ethical behavior toward their employers. Jeez just having to be a young good looking blonde girl and getting ogled by likes of Kirby Wilbur and Bryan Suits couldn't have made going to work ideal.