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Crystal Anderson
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I use the pronoun "shim" (she+him) for people I'm not sure are a boy or a girl.....
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on made up words (or, portmanteau) at Crappy Pictures
My two year old things she can give kisses and everything will be ok! And- it usually is...
Thanks for the laugh!! I LOVE the *resisting the urge to give the finger*! Priceless!!
HAHA!! My daughter calls 'deer' a 'beer' so we were at Wal-Mart the other day and see saw one something and started yelling really load, "A BEER! A BEER! I WANNA BEER!" =/
They only act that way when you HAVE to be in the store and do something! ie... I HAVE to go to Walmart for groceries and have no other time to do it - huge fit and I feel like hiding. Just running to Walmart but don't have to be there- happy laughing toddler!!
My dog belongs to my husband and starting last spring he has had to work out of state. Now it is just me, the toddler, and the great dane- that lives in the house..... I have NEVER been a pet person and when I did have pets growing up they lived outside. This has been VERY difficult for me as he is an OLD great dane... he is 8. I was told they would live to 7........ I am so OVER the falling, the blood, the vomit, and pooping in the house!! I thought I was the ONLY one that was just waiting for my dog to die... I cry a lot because I am so frustrated. I was so happy to see this tonight and realize I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!
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Aug 11, 2011