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I agree with what you're saying about parks and trails amenities. However, I don't believe KCMO should have such a tax, the tax should be levied at the county level only. I say this because KCMO is so fragmented with little cities sprinkled all throughout. I could easily see KCMO building a trail, only to have it dead-end because it hit the city limit of Gladstone, MO who had not passed a similar tax. Another problem with the city having a tax, people in Jackson County would get ticked because of new park/trails in the Northland, and vice versa with Clay and Platte County citizens getting ticked at this tax money being spent south of the river. So please keep the parks and rec taxes at the county level and you'll avoid both of these problems.
Sweet! Now we can have complete gridlock on 152 at I-35 instead of just slow moving bumper to bumper traffic.
I'll be surprised if a redevelopment of this site ever takes off. It would be a hard sell to retailers since most now have stores in the ZR area to the west and in the Liberty area to the east. I feel bad for Macy's, they remodeled their store back before the mall completely emptied out. I'm kind of surprised Macy's hasn't been lured to the west or the east yet, but I'm sure it will happen. Best use of this site now would probably be apartments.
In response to your comment about KC doing more to poach CA businesses. I think it would have been a wasted effort as likely the decision makers lived in CA and liked living there. Any effort that cost very little to no money I would have been fine with. But if KC had gone on a multi-million dollar spending spree to attract CA companies I would have flipped. I do agree the state line hopping is completely ridiculous and unfortunately is likely to never change.
Back in March we moved to Trails of Northbrook which is near 76th and Shoal Creek Pkwy. Used to live over in Wildwood West a few miles west of Zona Rosa. So we would visit this area a few times a year, now that we live over here we are in it weekly. I used to not like crossing 35 to get to Liberty at 152, now I hate it. This flyover will be nice, but estimates put it at relieving 7,500 vehicles a day, when the 152/35 corridor currently processes 30,000 vehicles per day. Unfortunately the real answer is making 152 a flyover. And I can't find anything on the MoDOT website about even studying this aspect. Everything seems to revolve making improvements to interchanges north and south of 152 along 35.
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Jun 13, 2012