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You are pointing to tort reform again, which I support BTW. The cards will be fine, as long as "not having a card" cannot be used as prima facie evidence in a civil or criminal case. I suspect this caveat will develop over time, with some bumps in the road as you suggest. I am really glad you are bringing up these issues, George. I think you make people think about difficult things. I love robots as much as the next person, but I wouldn't want to marry one.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2012 on A new barrier to growth at Rebane's Ruminations
Scott, I will be extremely surprised if this tax passes. The hurdle of 67% is very high, given the political demographic of this county. I predict it will fail. That being said, is it a worthy initiative? I think your points are explicated very well...if you live in Nevada County you better be self-sufficient and not dependent on the goodwill of gov't or strangers. George's argument is that it is penny-wise and pound-foolish to vote against this tax, due to the obvious insurance consequences which will be much more costly. His is a sound argument on the face, however inconsistent with his political leanings. But there is nuance. For example, people living in the Rattlesnake outback, or the brushpiles on Banner Mtn., will cost the community more to protect than those who live in less wooded areas. If we are to advocate personal responsibility, why subsidize those who made bad housing choices? I live close to town, have an NID hydrant less than 1000 ft. from my house, and have huge clearance because I chose to live in a relatively treeless area. Nonetheless, I voted in favor of the tax. Rhetorically yours, Michael A.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2012 on To Benefit Our Community at Rebane's Ruminations
George, Would this new card prevent engineers mixing "in a conference room, at a Little League game, or cocktail party"? It seems that you are suggesting the gov't will vet engineers, preventing businesses from hiring and firing at will. I don't see that in the proposal whatsoever. It's just another tool in the toolbox. I hear what you are saying, in the IT world folks w/ certs come in 2 flavors: those who know and also have certs and those who went to boot camp hoping to get a free ride. I can tell in about 2 minutes which is which. I like more info. rather than less. This proposal seems to add to the info. stream, not obfuscate. But I am willing to be further educated. Michael A.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2012 on A new barrier to growth at Rebane's Ruminations
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Feb 11, 2012