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George wrote: "My own discussions with Republican electeds and staff on the matter reveals nothing new. National politicians are not going to risk their careers and relationships on issues their polling says are non-starters, principles be damned." Are you sure their lack of appreciation for principles is the reason? Maybe they don't believe the "evidence" you are presenting. Or perhaps they also recognize that no matter where Obama was born, because his mother was an American citizen at the time, Obama is a constitutionally-recognized natural-born citizen. Which means--in their minds anyway--there is NO DEBATE regarding whether or not Obama's birth "fulfill[s] a constitutional requirement for presidency." Perhaps they just don't share the fun in beating a dead horse to death over and over again. Well anyway, I think we've both had a delightful time putting forth our opinions on this subject. I don't really have much more to say about it. Thanks for the conversation.
George, you completely misunderstand where I am coming from. Let's get some things straight about what I do and do not believe, OK? 1. I believe and agree that President Obama has a past that we don't know about and there are records, and perhaps legal documents, we can't access. These records may, or may not, prove that he was untruthful. I don't give a rip. 2. And I don't give a rip about the Democratic party line either. They can rot in hell for all I care. 3. I believe and agree that SCOTUS will never decide that President Obama is not a natural born citizen, as defined by the US Constitution. NEVER. (Well, almost surely NEVER, as I posited above.) 4. I believe that the whole discussion about Obama's presidential worthiness is a very disturbing distraction from what we should be talking about in this campaign, as well as unpatriotic. President Obama is a natural born citizen under the law, and no injustice has been proffered. George, do you remember when Dan Rather purported to have uncovered documents authored by Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian regarding President Bush's poor service record in the Texas Air National Guard? That's on the same level as this birther nonsense. And for goodness sake, where Obama was born is a lot less portentous than a chicken hawk silver spoon who hid from Vietnam only to drag our military 30 yrs. later into a tragic middle east war that squandered copious amounts of American blood and treasure. I'm just trying to help you not look like Dan Rather.
Exactly. So the question then becomes, why do you still choose to write things like "Who knows where the man was actually born?"
I am willing to bet that if the question of whether or not Obama is a natural-born citizen goes to the SCOTUS, its ruling will almost surely declare that he is a natural-born citizen. And I will hold to that bet, even "if new evidence comes to the fore."
Sounds like I missed a fun meeting. Will there be a followup?
George claimed: "BTW, no one thinks any longer that Obama's birthplace issue has any basis in reason and fact..." (my emphasis in bold) Really? No one? Not a single person on the planet? This is what I do know. President Obama is a natural-born citizen as outlined in the US Constitution and as has been interpreted by the courts. If this nonsense rises to the point where there is a serious attempt to remove him from office, it will go all the way to the Supreme Court. And the birthers will lose. I am willing to wager $100 dollars on my interpretation of this scenario. George, will you take my bet?
George, I will join with Ryan in once again debunking the Singularity meme, and this time I will use as a data point the fact that Typepad mangled my ability to log in with Google, so I had to create a new persona to comment here. Until Typepad shows more signs of innate intelligence, I don't see how it is even fathomable that something as complicated as the Singularity could possibly be in our future (-;
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May 22, 2012