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Andras Fabian
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Andras Fabian added a favorite at Every Clog Has Its Day
Mar 7, 2013
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Mar 7, 2013
How cool you can get, dude?? I am getting more and more interested in the music you do and especially in your radio works... is that possible to tune you into my broadcast on the net?
I do hope so! Another positive outcome I expect: more emphasys on large sizes on the flea market PLUS adding another guy's day maybe? ;))
Fascinating writing, only a hint of disappointment here: there's absolutely no point seeking for partners on the web, if the greatest female clog fetisist of the web turns out to be a guy! :)
Love your style and courage, carry on the fath! Can't wait till the next chapter!
Hi Lindsay, Altough the seller listed those Frye clog-boot hybrids in the ladies category, they clearly differ from the current ladies model, see here: In addition, the insole of 11 1/2" sounded like it would fit my euro 44 feet... if it wouldn't she won again...anyway, we'll see when they arrive from the other end of the world, thanks for the spot :) Andras from Budapest
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Jun 6, 2011