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Andrea Garland
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I agree... I am struggling financially, and it's hard sometimes to see organizations structuring their "giving incentives" by offering freebies per amount that you give... makes me feel like I am not giving enough by not meeting something that give me something back. However, I've gotten over that - I do not need any freebies back, that is not why I am giving. So maybe I can only afford to give $1 or $5... but it is what I can afford, and I know it adds up. I live in New Orleans, and after Katrina I raised $20,000+ thanks to the generous contributions of people I knew and many people I didn't (and, thanks to the immediacy of the need I did not have time to set up a non-profit, so I paid taxes on that $20,000 raised)... so I know that ever $ counts. I am glad to see you as a new on board member of modest - they are such a wonderful foundation - I have started grant applications twice but thankfully have both times ended up finding a way myself without needing their help - but have passed them along to others facing finical emergencies. And I will continue to give the dollar or two that I can, at least once a month, to Modest Needs or whatever else arises (this month it was $20 to the multiple apartment dwellers, one of whom is an old friend, whose house burnt down cause of faulty electric)... it's been wonderful also seeing our community rally around and bring forth donations of clothing and furniture and fundraisers to help them out.... So thank you for your message of just giving what little you can -no matter how poor, I can always find a spare dollar each month- and thanks for being part of ModestNeeds, 'cause they are truly an awesome organization!
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Nov 16, 2011