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I pass along the monthly Q&A, which I love, to the few other writers on staff, who are much younger than I am. They're still not quite getting the fact that grammar is important, so I'm hoping this helps. : - / Yikes.
Carol, this was very interesting, and I'm glad you published Moonlight Blogger! Since I work full time (and as an editor, use my CMOS a lot), I didn't have time to format my novel, so I was happy to hire experts to do it; i didn't find them through amazon, but in my own research. They provided both formats -- mobi and epub -- for posting on amazon, Lulu, and for the Nook. You're absolutely right about not having time to do promotion, even though I did PR for years in public TV and radio. I am also not inclined to pay for reviews, as others do. And it is true that e-book writers develop a huge following, depending on how many books they publish. It is interesting, though, where my few sales are coming from: England, Germany, and one from France, now that amazon recently opened up the Kindle store there. Maybe it's the title: "The Journal of My Plague Year," a love story about everything worth living for. Good luck with your work, and I think publishing your son's book is a great idea!
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Oct 13, 2011