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As someone who recently switched my DVD portion over to Blockbuster, I'm happy with my decision. I dropped Gamefly too so I did save money, and there's a store down the street so I get faster turn around time than I could with Netflix. The best part however is the new releases. I never realized how much I missed being able to watch NEW releases when they are popular not months after I was excited to see them.
After a lot of shopping, I've happily landed on a solution which ended up being a little different than I first thought I'd do. As a subscriber to both Netflix (1DVD out + streaming) and Gamefly (2 Games), I decided that I will cancel my Netflix DVD plan and go streaming only. I live in an area with slow internet and Netflix is the only one that streams properly. I also have decided to cancel my Gamefly account. I've switched to Blockbuster and even with the 3-out plan it's still cheaper than Gamefly's 2 disc plan alone, it includes both DVDs, games and bluray, and I can exchange my DVDs at the store. I ended up saving money in the long run.
If that happens, I'll definitely be dropping to the DVD only plan. My Amazon Prime account will just be that much more worth it. $16 dollars is ridiculous. Not exactly a little price bump.
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Jul 12, 2011