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Oh wow, I didn't think it'd be on here. I'm shocked but very happy!! Thank you! I'm not very subtle at saying thank you in obscure ways so there you go. I wasn't planning on showing it off but it means a lot that you think that. I had to tone it down for academic reasons so to me some bits sound horribly bland but I've been looking at it for too long now..need a break! Shame you're far away now but would love to catch up at a future SupNorth thing if you have the time :-)
I like the idea, the marionettes not so much...mostly because, well, they're puppets on a string. That's just not right but it's probably just me...I'd be happy with just the pretty cans from the US really
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It sounds good...I've learnt that all the books you talk about are well worth reading if I haven't explored them already in one way. I went with the oldschool diary after I read an article in the NYTimes about how our digital culture could be wiped out - hypothetically - in a skynet-like scenario and we are left with nothing but what we have physically produced. It's going good so far and it forces me to write down all the good things, the bad things, the things I think but don't blog about or twitter or whatever else online..and it's good. I went back to some things I wrote when I was feeling happy and pleased and it reminded me things are not too bad after all..
The sweet potatoes and coconut milk won me over. Definitely trying!
Some acquaintances of mine had this idea with a service called Mudjo(.com) that allows people within a restricted group to see each other's status, i.e. 'Available for drinks/movies' and other things. I think it's in a private beta now but I can nudge them gently and ask what the status is. It needs some good funding methinks. It would work a bit like booking someone in advance and naturally the requirement would be synchronisation with mail clients, other calendars, basecamp, who knows what other project management tools and things are out there. Facebook events that you say you'll attend. What about customising it? Like when you set your own meetings and availability to be able to say "Busy but can make exceptions" ... or if people belong to a certain group they become a priority!
It can be worse. It can be mascara, where every new mascara promises to make your lashes twice as long and thick as the previous one!
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Feb 17, 2010