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Andrea SunnyDays
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Hehe. This is only my second visit to your blog but you crack me up with the way you tell a story. The what i we die thing? I'm sure it wasn't funny to you, but it made me laugh! (Also Bahtman....) We've traveled a few times without our kids overnight - though always within the US. I think I'd be a bit nervous too leaving them in a foreign country though.
Ah the joys of children. If only they'd stop wearing clothes and eating life would be simpler around my house. We did a $10 challenge. Basically I gave (bribed) my children with ten bucks each if they agreed to drive to the nearest town with something other than just a Wally world and a grocery. Then they pick the store and a ten dollar or less item. My daughter picked two books, my son some hexbugs and I got a $3 creamer that is a cow. I don't drink cream but when you pour it comes out the cows mouth. I could not pass that up!
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May 1, 2012