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I have now more information about the talks in this conference. Paul Osterman, Deputy Dean of the MIT SLOAN School of Management; Michail Bletsas, Chief Connectivity Officer of the $100 Laptop Project; Carl Dietrich, $30.000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for Inventiveness 2006. He has proposed the 'Personal Air Vehicle Concept'; John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, fellow of the Berkman Center for Internet Society of Harvard University and author of "The economy of ideas"; James Patten, postdoctoral associate MIT MediaLab and CEO Patten Studio LLC de Boston, creator of the Audiopad at MIT MediaLab; Francis Pisani, blogger at Ciberpaís; Carlos Barrabés, founder and CEO of; Jorge Mata, CEO of and founder of; Pedro Gil, founder of Principia Technology Group; Ricardo Montesa, CEO of Brainstorm Multimedia; Juan Tomás García, founder and CEO of MonoLabs; Xavier Carrillo, founder and CEO of Digital Legends Entertainment; Manel Sarasa, co-founder and CEO of Open Bravo; The organisers said that there are yet two or three other talks to be confirmed in the next days, from a scientific and a economy press background.
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