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Andres Alvarado
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Andres Alvarado added a photo at AVATAR
Hi, well as I told you, I live near the paradise ( a place similar to Pandora) 400 miles by plane from Bogota Colombia, you can see a simlar place to Pandora... Unfortunately, some people that love the drugs (like guerrilla) are devastating this wonderful place.... in the other hand, the coltan ( a mineral) is taking part of this fight for a land that belong to the native people... the true is that you don't need to sleep, or to close your eyes, because here is this miracle of the mother nature. Son dangerous like Pandora (jaguares, Malaria, leishmaniasis, big spiders..) but like a native teach me: "Nature doesnt attack to you if you are thinking in order to protect their sons" belive it or not this is true.... I saw jaguars at few distance from me... without any intention of attack in the middle of the deep forest... even I was at centimeters of poisonous snakes and I dont know what kind of thing made the shaman who was walking with me.... but seem like he can touch the aura of this animals... like .... TALK espiritually!!!! I really hope to send images, but I need to look for my archives in a lot of DVDs...
Jan 12, 2010
Well Im proud because I know a small part of our planet that is similar to Pandora, Im from Colombia, and this geographical point is between Vaupes, Guaviare and Amazonas. native people who live there have a similar way of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at AVATAR
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Jan 11, 2010
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Jan 11, 2010