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Andres Guadamuz
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While I agree that SWTOR can feel dead, I happen to like many of its choices. I don't mind the directed experience that much, being mostly a solo player even in MMOs, I feel that the storyline consisting of quests and instances allows you to feel part of a story, which is precisely what many of us want from a Star Wars experience. I agree that the market feels dead, but this is more to do with the clunky Galactic Trade Network interface than with the lack of personal crafting. I love that I have a droid to do all the grinding for me while I engage in more PvP. Oh, and how I love the PVP, even if until yesterday I was nothing but lvl 50 fodder. Sub-50 PVP is fun! So far I'm loving SWTOR, but I am guessing that it lacks WoW's endgame appeal.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on Star Wars: The Dead Republic at Terra Nova
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Jan 19, 2012