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Great post Gavin, I've been following this space closely and it seems to me that It's only a zero sum game if the new media organisations have the same cost model as the organisations they're usurping. If that is the case then they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes (which is just digital darwinism - and how it should be). What I've been noticing (and advocating) is the new organisations are doing it much more cost effectively, and dabbling in new revenue streams eg: visit the site, buy the T-shirt. People like Tim Burrowes are producing a huge amount of content at a dramatically cheaper cost base than his old school rivals and he's supplementing the advertising revenue with public events - the T-shirt component (maybe he should sell Mumbrella branded umbrellas, with the recent Sydney weather he'd probably do Ok). This seems to be a fairly sustainable (and scalable - with some caveats) model. Cheers, Andrew Richardson
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Re-intermediating the Media at Servant of Chaos
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Nov 24, 2009