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I believe Jonathan Shepherd is onto something. The media is rather sloppy in its use of political terminology. And this issue is much broader than tabloid headlines and excitable columnists. I would suggest that the media classes are far too comfortable dividing policies and politicians into neat ideological boxes. The left-right spectrum is significant, but it's also complex. For example, I fail to see how demanding a referendum is 'right wing'.
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I think the poll is significant as favourable perceptions win elections. David Sergeant is of course correct that much of the 2005 policy agenda was likable until voters discovered the source of the policies! The major problem with the Lynton Crosby platform was the 'dog whistle politics' reveled in its own diviseness. Lets say that 70% of the electorate quite enjoyed the stuff about immigration. That doesn't mean people were going to vote on it as a single issue, and it certainly doesn't take account of the fact that tough rhetoric about proecting the borders can put off middle of the road swing voters. So perception polls like this show that Cameron has to keep slogging away.
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