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Duesseldorf, Germany
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This blog, as I posted below, is now dormant. However, I do have another blog, German Joys. Feel free to check it out if you're so inclined. It's much less political. Continue reading
I'm wrapping up regular posting on this blog now. I think this blog has served its purposes. In 2015, as the migrant numbers increased, we saw one of the cultural peculiarities of Germany coming into sharper focus. Like anyone who's traveled or lived in another country, I believe in national... Continue reading
I sincerely doubt English women are brought up without any idea of being 'vulnerable to sexual attack'. Practically every UK crime drama revolves around this, as does every other page of the Daily Mail. And I am sure British public school classrooms have the standard array of sex education classes. This was not a flirtatious smile or a 'too-short' skirt. If it were, I would also consider it irrelevant. This was a public blow job in daylight, which itself is a crime (public lewdness), of course. Putting someone's engorged genitals into your mouth is a somewhat more direct signal than blowing them a kiss. That's what I call common sense. And by the way, 'young people are stupid' seems to have been the defense's main argument, too.
The verdict on the Somalis may well be justified, but this should give anyone pause: "as Jama met her at a bus stop shortly before 11am, he soon convinced her to perform a sex act on him in an alleyway." If you are a lone single woman and want a group of young male strangers to respect your limits, you may wish to avoid starting festivities by giving one of them a blowjob in public during the day. That tends to send the wrong signals. Even in Britain.
The very point of Karneval in Germany is to be a kind of Saturnalia, where normal rules of decorum are cast aside. Strangers kiss each other on the streets, women cut off men's ties, and parade floats feature biting, politically-incorrect commentary. The floats are not only permitted to be vulgar... Continue reading
Ingrid Carlqvist of the Gatestone Institute has a round-up of the latest news from Sweden. It's the all-too-familiar litany of riots in migrant shelters, sex crimes, mounting social media outrage and right-wing agitation (some violent), and hapless-sounding politicians. The headline 'Death by Immigration' is overblown, but still, the piece conveys... Continue reading
The month: September. Hundreds of thousands of random foreigners stream into Germany without any checks or controls. Skeptics point out that owing to the sheer scale and the lack of any screening, it is statistically certain that some of these arrivals are terrorists coming to Europe to plan attacks. Even... Continue reading
I post some details of individual crimes involving asylum seekers here for a few reasons. First, anecdotes is all we have, and unless somebody manages to change the policy of politicians and senior police bureaucrats, anecdotes is all we will ever have. Anecdotes on their own are of limited value... Continue reading
The latest German poll (g) are in, and there's no good news for Merkel in it: 81% of Germans do not believe the current government has the migrant situation under control. Only 46% approve of Merkel's job performance, a 12-point drop in just a few weeks. The anti-immigrant AfD clocks... Continue reading
All stories of serious violent crimes by migrants are relevant, because they have a massively disproportionate impact on public opinion towards immigrants. Which is why the authorities tried to cover them up until about 15 minutes ago. Also, each of these stories involves failures by the security forces of the German state brought about by overcrowding and undermanning of the police. In one case, the police had been put on notice that a recent migrant had violent tendencies, but permitted him to return to his family. In the second case, the article quotes from various sources to establish that the juvenile care facility was overcrowded by recent arrivals of migrants 'claiming' to be juveniles. I would think there are some pretty important public-policy implications from a situation in which a 12-year-old girl can be raped *twice* by two separate offenders while under the care and protection of the state. Don't you? As for the tiresome Stürmer comparisons, this is another case of Germans and others magically losing the ability to make distinctions. The alleged sex crimes the Stürmer reported to its drooling audience were almost all *invented*. They *did not happen*. Can the importance of this fact really be that hard to grasp?
Two days ago, in the early morning, a 35-year-old Syrian man threw or shoved his three children (g) out the second-story window of a migrant shelter in Lohmar, Germany. He had an eight-year-old daughter, a five-year-old son, and a 1-year-old daughter. They fell five meters. The two elder children suffered... Continue reading
The British tabloids are having a field day with the hapless, gullible Swedes, who refuse to age-check migrants. The unaccompanied young males, knowing that minors have a fast-track to recognition, claim to be under 18, even when they're full-grown men with beards. A few pictures from the Daily Mail: 14-year-old... Continue reading
The FAZ reports (g) on negotiations for a multi-year contract worth €600 million which the city of Berlin is currently negotiating to convert 22 hotels into migrant hostels with room for 10,000 migrants. Hotel Berlin Mitte, the Berlin City East the Berlin City West hotels are among the properties, some... Continue reading
That's how I interpret Ultiuma Ratio. How do you?
Frauke Petry, one of the leaders of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party (AfD), said this in an interview (g, my translation): Petry: [A border police officer] must prevent illegal border crossings. In emergencies, he can use firearms. That is in the law. Mannheimer Morgen: There is a law that... Continue reading
A senior detective in the German city of Braunschweig has just released a book on migrant crime rates in his area of Germany. The book is already being eagerly hailed (g) as a milestone in refuting the 'stereotype' of the criminal migrant. After large numbers of migrants were settled in... Continue reading
Another example of my mystical powers. Your humble content-provider, a week ago: I have seen into the crystal ball and now have another prediction. Within the next 3-6 months or so, German immigration policy, after much debate and back-and-forth, will crystallize around one urgent priority: deporting young males. Yesterday's headline... Continue reading
Poetic license, mein Herr, poetic license. The views and actions of fictional characters do not have to, and frequently do not, coincide with those of their creators.
But it hasn't been written in German, with the action taking place in Germany in 2016, with German scenery, German customs, the German justice system, etc.
[pamphlet distributed by the New York Police Dept. in the 1970s] How long is it going to be before someone does the obvious? That is, writes a German 'Death Wish'? For those of you who haven't seen the movie, spoiler alert. Death Wish is a 1974 movie, based on a... Continue reading
Just a monthly reminder to floundering, desperate German politicians that there is a successful policy to prevent illegal mass migration: Continue reading
The Spiegel interviews (g) a group of Iraqi migrants at a German airport getting in a plane to return to their country. One woman says 'I came here in hope of a better life, but now I've lost patience. I was just registered recently, although I've been living here for... Continue reading
While reading this article (g) in the Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, a local newspaper for the area encompassing the sedate university towns of Heidelberg and Mannheim, I couldn't help noticing the 'other stories I might like,' which comprise 3 recent sex attacks including one completed rape at knifepoint, and one robbery: Oh,... Continue reading