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Andrew Bayles
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Professional linguist here. To say that we can't pluralize "one" is ridiculous. If I show you two pairs of shoes, one of which is red and the other blue, and then I ask, "Which do you like better?" there's no way around saying "the blue ones" or "the red ones." The idea that "these ones" and "those ones" is any different doesn't make any sense logically. It's just like saying that you can NEVER end a sentence with a preposition, which, as Winston Churchill has made clear, is something "up with which [we] shall not put." Artificial rules imposed upon the English language don't make it more beautiful; they make it more restricted, less expressive, and ultimately more ridiculous.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2013 on These ones? Those ones? at Ask the English Teacher
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Jul 23, 2013