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Homeless in Hollywood,CA.
military. O-7 Air Force. 25 year's.
Interests: I'm a very good guitarist, I enjoy playing heavy metal, it isn't the only music that I enjoy playing though.
Recent Activity
Paris, I want to leave a comment...... I heard one of your song's the other day, it was awesome, you've got a great voice..... and the music was good. The I want to leave a comment part supposed to be a joke, it's kinda funny. I was looking at your photo's on your website, there awesome, some of the clothes are kinda wierd, especially the photo with the frilly looking painties, heck of a contrast.... they probably sold ton's of them. I guess I had a good day today, went and played guitar, it was awesome, other than that it was a tiring day.
Hi Paris, I'm at the library on sunset and was trying to think of something to's almost like playing guitar at guitar center..... but playing guitar at guitar center and trying to write a couple of paragraph's at the library isn't the same. It's been an o.k day so far.
Paris, is it really you that writes messages, or is it a computer generated message thing. If it is computer generated does it come from recent activity on your web site? I enjoy coming to your web site, I think it's very current and intellectual, and I think it's a lot better than... what are them thing's called.... gossip magazines. Your a very mature woman. I think you've got a great website. Andrew Collette
I have not seen your new show. I seen you on...... I can't remember his first name. ferguson I think that's his last name. You were great.
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Jun 30, 2011
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Jun 30, 2011