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Hi David, Andrew Grill CEO of Kred here. Glad our movers and shakers leaderboard we developed just for Social Media Week grabbed your attention - this was the intention! These leaderboards (in NY, London and HK) were developed in collaboration with Social@Ogilvy and were designed to highlight the subject of influencers and get people talking about influence in a fun way. As you know, @Kred has been designed to look at not just the loudest voices or those with the most followers, instead those with most influence (measure of what others do because of you) and outreach (a measure of your generosity) based on the last 1,000 days of tweets, and in a completely transparent way. You can head to and see each and every one of the tweets that contributed to your place on the leaderboard. For Social Media Week, to cut through all of the noise, a shiny object was indeed required - so it seems to have met the objective. Also I understand from someone at the session yesterday they high fived you when told you were at #1 for influence ;-) In the context of a short term event (be it a one day conference or a Social Media Week) the leaderboards have also served another purpose – it has highlighted who else is at the event and I have heard anecdotally that some real life connections were as a direct result of the leaderboards – people were able to find each other and connect because they knew the other person was at the event. The top 50 for #smwldn can be found at and for NY at The Kred leaderboards have also been designed to show the power of real-time influencer measurement at a community and location level. On a normal day, your global Kred will not move much compared to the last 1,000 days. At a conference of a short duration, in a finite place, and within a finite community (in this case people mentioning the hashtags) Kred Events has been able to provide a dynamic measure of influence and outreach in an interesting and entertaining way. I haven’t seen many other live and dynamic influencer boards at Social Media Week, we think this is the first example of a live, location and community based influencer measurement tool.
Glad to see the Hotel and BCV getting some praise here - the hotel staff were first rate and so I was glad to provide a positive blog post on my stay. Andrew Grill @andrewGrill London
Amelia, Great post and I like your list and the end of the post and particularly like no.5 - people who don't work in the office. I find I do my best work & thinking when out and about, amongst the consumers we are tying to understand and influence, and also in front of clients - feeling their pain about this brave new world. @andrewgrill
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Jan 25, 2011