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I believe that you are misguided. I think the writer has a very good grasp of this topic. I am from Chicagoland, and have been all over the country and now am in Florida. This seems to be the case EVERYWHERE I go. I see kids with Les Pauls that are 5000 a piece and they trash them. I WORKED at Guitar Center and have sold the equipment to these kids, and I see the others in the circle flock to these kids because that's just the thing to do. The whole damn system is flawed, but the one thing that is true because everyone knows it, is that Hip Hop artists ALWAYS have a huge following from their hustle. It's not a color thing, Hip Hop artists want it more. No one just HANDS them money.
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Wow. That is a VERY short-sighted analysis. G+ is to Facebook what Facebook was to Myspace in 2010: The Adults alternative. When people got tired of the glitter graphics and the computer viruses, they turned to the clean, graphic-free easy to use Facebook. Now Facebook is charged with selling user's privacy and putting Ad revenue before it's people, and here is G+ just positioned to take over as the alternative. Oh, and Google has more money than GOD thanks to Android, so to retort "J": G+ has not fizzled and is poised to be the future of social media... Until it sells privacy and puts AD revenue before users and another alternative comes along. Andre From Idlewood
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Isnt this called spotify?
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Will definitely keep an eye on this one... Andre
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I am currently trying a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise enough to finish my album and release copies of it on vinyl. I would love another opinion and hopefully some cost figures about 100 or so presses. Thanks! Andre (@idlewoodband)
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Sep 4, 2011