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Andrew Livingston
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I've been busy teaching for the past couple of months, and was catching up on The History of Rome this weekend, so it came as a shock that I was getting back into it just in time for the final episode. I don't think I'll be able to find a history podcast with as much depth, and certainly not one that's as deadpan hilarious, as THoR to replace it. It turns out this month marks a turning point in my life as well, since I'm moving from Michigan, where I've lived for the last eleven years, back to my home state of Colorado. It seems appropriate that THoR, which has been a semi-constant fixture in my life for nearly half of my time here in MI, is ending at the same time. Good luck to you and Mrs. History of Rome on your own new chapter! (And should you ever think about starting another podcast on another historical era, and should I be once again gainfully employed, I'd pay more than just the pittance I'm donating now for the privilege of hearing it.)
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May 6, 2012